Just another manic Monday

It’s been a long time.

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It is the last day of August, where did summer vacation go? In June, it seemed like we were enjoying our time as a family of 5 and patiently waiting for our first placement. In July, we spent our time getting to know our first placement and getting on a new routine/schedule. Having two small ones in the house sure does change things. August has been filled with trying to catch-up from July, get into the mindframe that school starts again and that we are back to the hustle and bustle of the rat race called keeping busy…

Anyways, I’m not one for much conversation so I will just post pictures to kind of catch you up 🙂

These are DSLR camera pics vs my iPhone pics that I’ve been posting like crazy 🙂

These are DSLR camera pics vs my iPhone pics that I’ve been posting like crazy 🙂



Miss Marie learning how to take selfie’s

last day of school cuteness




The above pictures are from Concerts on the Square

Mya learning how to use a camera

Face/arm painting with friends!


The above pictures are from our trip to the Dell Diamond

DSC_2152 DSC_2151 DSC_2133 DSC_2120 DSC_2114 DSC_2103 DSC_2126
Fourth of July Pictures, party at our place 🙂

There are tons more pictures, but since a ton of them have the newest members of our household in them I can’t post them online. I will post more pictures of other things we have done, though it has been a “short” summer it has been amazing and fun.

Love y’all, Iiona


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Why I don’t make my bed…

I’ve seen posts and entire series on why someone makes their bed, keeps their house clean, etc. And I can see where they are coming from, completely. But I’m not of that school of thought, actually I can’t stand cleaning. But I do it everyday.

My top reasons why I don’t make my bed…

1. I just don’t want to

2. It’s inviting to me, I can walk in my room and be like… Oh, my bed is calling me.

3. I’m just going to get back in it later

4. I don’t care if people see that my house looks lived in, because guess what… people live here, play here, sleep here, eat here, and have fun here

5. When I was growing up I was forced to make my bed a certain way and could NEVER sit on my bed, EVER

6. Our rooms had to be spotless, and when we played it was like we were being bad because a toy was on the floor.

7. We rarely had friends over, and when they would it was so sterile and scary. Because if they messed up the bed or didn’t put something away we would get into so much trouble.

8. I don’t want my children’s focus to be on being perfect, I want them to be children and to have fun and to live. I don’t want their memories of childhood to be of spotless non-played in rooms that can never get messy

9. I just don’t want to

10. It’s inviting to me, I can walk in my room and be like… Oh, my bed is calling me.

So basically, sometimes I will get the urge to make up the bed. But most times Ike does it, and that’s fine for both of us. D-boy makes his bed every morning. Miss Marie only makes her bed once a month, if that, and only after we tell her to. Mini Mouse makes her bed every other day. And that’s fine with us, all of us. I’m sure when they get older it could change, and that’s for them to choose not me.

Also, so many people are focused on the way a room/house looks… Not me, the main areas of the house are clean. They are in no way spotless and only are right after we clean. But after that, our house looks lived in. You can walk into a room and see that children have played in it. You can see where they had a secret lair in our main living room and not in the playroom which is out of sight. You can see where we ate a great meal at breakfast because all of the crumbs are still on the table. And you know what, it is fine. At some point in that day, it will be cleaned up. All of the pillows from the coach will be fluffed and replaced to their proper location. All of the shoes will eventually find their way back to everyone’s closets, all of the crayons and papers will find their location in the playroom.

I want my children to be happy and full of joy, and so instead of washing all of the dishes right after dinner. We will clear the table, and pull out a board game or shot for the championship in pool or just sit down and catch a movie on television. So in this house you will find happy, messy, well trained, respectful children. Just because we don’t make our beds and have every nook and cranny cleared of toys/shoes/crayons, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t clean people. It doesn’t mean that we are dirty, it just means we have different priorities then you. Our priorities will always be our family and our happiness, everything else will fall into place.

Plus if you are in our house on a Saturday morning, you know that our house is cleaned from the week. Which again is why I can’t stand laundry. Speaking of laundry, we are taking applications for someone to come and fold clothes.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Hairgrease!



Unplanned Roadtrip 2.0


So here are more iPhone photos from our unplanned trip back home. We had a great time, it was nice to see family and friends. I know more people wanted to see us like we wanted to see more people, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. And the flow was family and we enjoyed it as well as the children. So much happened and it was great, the good, the bad and the ugly! Haha!

We got to spend countless nights sleeping by the fireplace, though I’m sure who we stayed with didn’t think it funny or cool. We all took it in stride and to be honest, I think it was hotter and more personal to be contained in one place. The good in the bad, right. We spent more time together, more great conversations, more bonds were forged and overall we truly loved it.

I got to celebrate my birthday at home. It was all so great! I look forward to turning a year older, I am actually looking forward to the day I can say I’m 50 years old. Now please remind me of this post when I do turn 50 and I grumble about it, ok?! haha. But what made this birthday so different then any other is nothing but the company I kept. I love small and intimate, I love being with people, I love connecting on a deeper level, I love the small things. I rarely celebrated my birthday growing up, let alone had someone acknowledge that it was my birthday (you know that whole, it’s Thanksgiving too deal, and the fact that my bio could care less). Anyways, I made it another year. I survived my year, I get to start over and make this year even better than last. Birthdays are awesome for that.

We then went to Milwaukee and spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws. That is always an experience. One that I might later give more detail to, but for now I will just say. It came and it went and all was well. No one died, no one got their feelings hurt and the food was good! So I call that a success… Anyways, enjoy the pictures below. More to follow soon 🙂


A good fire will help get rid of the cold


The process from the South to the North… Ice and snow


Sleeping by the fireplace


Caught him slipping, LOL!


The Capitol… Love this View


Silliness with Miss Marie




That’s my “Fareal” look


Meanwhile in Wisconsin…


Just hanging out


I understand this right here… complete exhaustion.


SS with the girlpies… They LOVE her so much




Texan transplants tryna get dressed for cold weather


WI, Cows and the mall


Doesn’t help that both of her jackets were broke


B-rock and Mini Mouse making cupcakes


The girls babies were ready as well


Yes! I had multiple helpings of peach cobbler and pumpkin pie… nothing like homemade


D and his older Cousin, they had a blast


The only picture I got of my and the other half on Thanksgiving


Saying Bye to Grandma R


Auntie Sue is the best

House Painting 101


So we decided after we purchased our home that we would pain the whole thing by ourselves. We considered hiring out, we actually thought we would be able to hire one of the painters from the company we bought our house from. But they got pretty busy shortly after our house was started and so that wasn’t going to happen. So like the troopers we are, we said, “We got this! Let’s get it started…” Little did we know HOW much work it really was. My arms and back hurt just thinking about all of the painting we did. Now let me give a few details so you can get a full idea. We have 9 ft ceilings on the first floor, the place is over 3400 sq ft. There are 2 1/2 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms… we painted them all, or when we are FINALLY done we will have painted every room in the house. As of now everything is done except the kiddos bathroom and the spare bedroom. And I’m pretty cool with it not getting painted. If we never paint another room I don’t think I will be too mad.

So the next time you hear me talk of painting a room or something of the sort, smack me please!

Did I mention we ruined plenty of clothes (kiddos included) from painting. We still are picking paint out of the carpets and chipping it off of the hardwood floor. Yeah, painting your own place can be a pain in the tush. But it’s OUR place and it was an experience!

IMG_8158 IMG_8157 IMG_8102 IMG_8086 IMG_8087 IMG_8076 IMG_8075 IMG_8074 IMG_7988 IMG_7984 IMG_7987 DSC_6510 DSC_6508 DSC_6506 DSC_6505 IMG_7887 IMG_7828 IMG_7826 DSC_6422 DSC_6421 DSC_6420 IMG_7792 IMG_7777 DSC_6416 DSC_6414 IMG_7776 DSC_6400 DSC_6398 DSC_6397 DSC_6396 DSC_6395 DSC_6394 DSC_6392 DSC_6389 IMG_7763 IMG_7761 IMG_7739 IMG_7737 IMG_7787 IMG_7735 DSC_6381

Describe your Relationship with your Spouse…


So I am definitely going back and redoing this post, I’m just super lazy and thought this was good for the time being. There is more that I want to say, I just can’t right now. Not that I can’t say it, but more along the lines of me just wanting to get it posted… Is that lazy… maybe, maybe not! More along the lines of me saying… WHOOT, WHOOT I got another post done! #POW

Here is that trusty list again and the fun graphics to go along with it!

Relationships can be so tricky, relating with other people is not an easy feat. It is something that one has to work on daily. Marriage is work, it isn’t something that is all magical and just happens forever. It takes time, focus, dedication and persistence to get where we are now. As you all know our relationship hasn’t been all peaches and cream, but it is working and it is what it is.

I look at the relationship that you guys have with your dad and at times I wonder if I had been given the chance to have that type of relationship with my own father if I would have been different. I’m sure, but what if’s don’t help anyone so I will move on from that. I am so happy that you guys have that type of relationship and I hope you understand where that comes from.

I love your dad because he loves you guys so much, does that sound funny? There are many other reasons why I love him, but seeing him with you guys makes me love him even more. I love him because when he looks at me it’s like I’m the only one in the room. I love him because he is willing to get matching tattoo’s with me and let me pick them out. I love him because he loves motorcycles more than I do. I love him because our names are similar; IAV and IAL. I love him because he helps me feel complete. He is a part of a circle and that circle is complete because he is in it. The other parts of that circle are you guys, my sister and niece, the awesome Godparents you guys have (whom I’ve known since I was 9 years old), and for knowing that God loves me even when I don’t love myself. I can go on and on, but I will spare you all of the sappy reasons why I love him.

I do want you to know that our relationship hasn’t always been great, it took time, healing and God to get our relationship to where it is now. We both came into the relationship with past hurts and learning to forgive people from our past. We knew we wanted to be together and so that was what kept us going. I’m not saying divorce was never in our conversations, just saying that we had to pray and take things one day at a time. What brought us together was our similarities.  What is keeping us together is Christ and our love for each other and our love for you guys, and making sure that your life is in no way similar to our pasts. Because when you know better and learn better, you strive to be better and do better.

Anywho, your father and I have a lot of things in common, but we also have things that neither one of us really care for. But to be honest that is what makes our relationship stronger. If we were the same all the way, it would be boring. Some of the things we have that are similar are;

  1. We like getting tattoos
  2. We love riding motorcycles
  3. We love music
  4. We love our family (the one we made, not the one we came from)
  5. We are both loyal
  6. We both are very forgiving
  7. Our initials are similar except our last names… IAL and IAV
  8. We both heart the Packers and the Badgers
  9. We enjoy spending time with our children
  10. We both enjoy cooking and baking, him more cooking and me more baking

Anyways, I hope this gives you more of a look into the relationship I have with your father. I mean I can’t really go into super detail. But know that we are in it for the long haul and we are going to do all we can to stay together until we die.

The List:


1. List 20 random facts about yourself.
2. Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears (graphic version)
3. Describe your relationship with your spouse.
4. List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.
5. What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?
6. If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?
7. What is your dream job, and why?
8. What are 5 passions you have?
9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.
10. Describe your most embarrassing moment.
11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.
12. Describe a typical day in your current life.
13. What’s the hardest part of growing up?
14. Describe 5 and weaknesses strengths you have.
15. Describe when you knew your spouse was the one or how I fell in love.
16. What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?
17. What is the thing you most wish you were great at?
18. What do you think your spouse loves most about you?
19. How did you feel the moment you became a parent?
20. Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.
21. Describe your relationship with your parents.
22. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?
23. What’s your favorite holiday and why?
24. What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about parenthood?
25. If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?
26. What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?
27. What is your favorite part of your body and why?
28. What’s your favorite quality in your spouse?
29. What are your hopes and dreams for your prosperity?
30. List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for.