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Eddy Virgin-Lewis

Every year Eddy comes and helps us countdown to Christmas. If you don’t remember, Eddy is our Elf who started visiting us about 2 years ago. Each year he seems to get more and more daring with the things he does. This year was no different. Our girls LOVE Eddy and D-boy tolerates him. Only because I told him he has no choice but to act as if he doesn’t know its us doing the work. A few times this year I even let him set up the things Eddy was going to do.

As you can see, Eddy has two additional friends this year. They are Freddy and Jr. Eddy is the white elf, Freddy is the black elf and that leaves Jr being the reindeer. Last year while at my favorite store… Tarjay… and we found a few clothes and a reindeer, that’s how we have Jr and some of their cool gear. Anyways, I’m almost positive I’ve set myself up for failure for next year. I don’t think I can out do myself. I mean, they arrived in a hotair balloon, played video games, brought their super cool new Disney Ornament and a few other things.

My goal next year is to just make sure they continue on their path for a consecutive 2?+ odd days. I think I will wait until like December 1st to have them come back though. LOL!

Well anyways, enjoy the pictures! I had fun with most of it. Some days/nights I was mad that I even thought of the idea… Like Super Mario Brothers… That took Ike and I FOREVER to do. But the girls totally LOVED it. So I guess well worth it, ha!



Being tired and the Holiday Season…

Let me just tell you… I’m exhausted, I’m sick and I’m looking forward to the weekend. 

We just completed two weeks of the Nutcracker with Mouse. That was downtown Austin in horrible traffic and holiday traffic and everyday there was an accident. Reminds me of why I love living in small town USA! 

Our littles are leaving our home and going to another home that would also be willing to adopt them when the time comes. As much as I love these three kiddos, it has been! I’m glad we were able to give them what they needed for this last year, but it is now time to focus on our family and my commitment to taking care of self. It’s stressful because we want to keep them, but know we can’t give them what they need for the rest of their lives. We want to expand our family, but only by one… Possibly two if circumstances are right.

We are taking the big kiddos to Walt Disney World for New Years and… Yeah… I know all of this stressing beforehand will all be worth it. I guess the biggest issue is making sure I have all together. And then I had a friend tell me the other day that I needed to breathe and rest, that it would all work out. I know it will, I’m just ocd sometimes. 

The last few days I’ve had a headache and a scratchy sore throat. It’s not fun, I don’t like being sick. As a matter of fact, I’m going to tell you something not a lot of people know… I’m a whiner when I get sick. It’s rather pathetic sometimes. 

The last few months I’ve been dealing with blurry vision. Just assuming, I don’t know, nothing. Well it could actually be why I’ve been having headaches and stuff. I could be getting old *cluthes pearls* NEVER! I’m just going to go with my vision is blurry and not that I might actually need glasses…

Anyways, I’m still here. Just learning to push the pause button so that I may stay rested and well grounded!





Today I had a strong urge to be crafty… So I fiddled around on Pinterest and I’m making pineapple chicken stir fry and a simple banana bread. I’ve had the bananas in my freezer for about 4 months now, waiting precisely for me to use them for this very thing. According to my other half he prefers his bananas to be stored with the skins off, I on the other hand, store mines by just sticking the whole brown thing in my freezer and then pulling it out when I’m having a crafty moment.

The last few days I’ve been thinking and reminiscing about my maternal grandmother who passed when I was 14 years old. I considered her my mother and so it was hard when she died. It was even harder when she died two days after my birthday. That’s a different story for another time. But what has sparked my thought process is the fact that Ike will be making me my favorite cake for my birthday. This is what my granny used to make me every year that I lived with her. It was my own special cake, even though my birthday falls on or around the Thanksgiving holiday every year she did all she could to make it special. And that was one way. Making a from scratch German chocolate cake. 

That’s what I’m getting on Thursday, actually I think I might have told him two. Just because. He makes them from scratch too. It makes my whole body do a happy dance, takes me back to being in the kitchen…


This is my stream of consciousness post for today. Thanks for stopping by! 

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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Another year…

Disclaimer: I wrote this on December 14th… Didn’t feel like hitting publish until today.

I can’t believe it’s been 14 years, it still feels like yesterday when I got the call saying you passed. I had been meaning to give you a call for the past couple of days. I know you had been sick, but I was just about to tell you that your grandson had just started crawling. I knew you would be as excited as I was. 
As the day wound down and I sat in the chair to take a breather my phone rang. I picked it up and smiled, I looked over at the little boy playing so contently on the floor by my feet and answered the phone.

I instantly knew something was off but couldn’t place what it was. The person on the other end seemed like she was very sad and was trying to hold it together while talking to me. She asked a few simple questions and I answered each one on guard but also excited. The last thing I remember saying was, “Well, I had called a few times that week and hadn’t heard back. But I figured I would call the next morning…” 

And then my world was turned upside down for the 100th time in my life. My biggest supporter, the person who understood everything I had felt and was going through after finding out I was pregnant with Dboy was no longer alive. All I could think was but I had just talked to her like the week before. I was going to call the next morning to tell her about Dboy crawling. I had plans to come home for Thanksgivng. And at that moment none of that mattered. 

I knew I needed closer after you passed and I knew it would mean a lot to Grandpa, so we had Dboys first birthday party at your house. Just as we had his first celebration of his life. In your dining room, with you gushing over how incredible that little guy was. You helped make the transition into motherhood smoother, connecting me with moms whom I could talk with and other things. I knew as long as I had you in my corner I wouldn’t be alone…

It’s been 14 years and it still feels like it was yesterday.

NaBloPoMo November 2015