Just another manic Monday


Have you ever?

The last 3 nights I have been so emotionally full and drained all at once. By the end of the night I can barely keep my eyes open long enough to say goodnight to the kiddos, let alone make it to bed in a timely fashion. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal. I would just let my body take over and head to bed. The issue as of late is I am about a month in a half behind in paperwork for our foster kiddos and I have been “going to do the girls hair” for about a solid 3 weeks now.

Doing the girls hair isn’t an easy feat. As in, we are talking about mid back length naturally curly 4c hair… Le sigh! Basically what that means is tons of detangling that does absolutely nothing because its tangled before I even get to the end of the hairs that I combing. Not complaining, because I am rather proud of myself for helping their hairs to grow that long. Just saying, its a lot of work.

Tonight I did Miss Marie’s head of hairs, because I tend to neglect hers more then her sisters. That was the longest process and I had to trim the ends. Lets just say, i just finished. I was about to head to bed when I remembered I hadn’t blogged for the night. And I’m just remembering I didn’t blog last night. Oh well, one day out of 30…

Today has been a great day, Miss Marie had a state gymnastics meet right outside of south Austin. She did her best performance yet, but still not enough to get her to Level 4… But we were able to hang out with close gymnastics friends and Mouse went with so it was a girls weekend. One where I’ve officially spent WAYYYY too much money. Yesterday Mouse’s Nutcracker family had a wine tasting fundraiser. Lets just say I walked away with three new wines to try out and a fe other things, ones I was for sure I would get out bid on. But didn’t… LOL!

I swear one of these days I will learn my lesson.

Anyways, todays truth is…. I have reached the stage in life where I fall asleep before my kiddos. Its down right depressing, and makes me chuckle all at the same time. I am looking forward to when I reach the stage of having energy again.

Buenos Noches!

NaBloPoMo November 2015




I LOVE that my baby sis came out to Tejas to visit with us. She even dragged me out past my bedtime to go to a show. Little did I know how close (in proximity) to someone I grew up listening to I would be. I was like a little kid in a candy store. I couldn’t get enough of her or it.

I Love me some Brandy and always have! So when she comes strolling out talmbout, Hey! I almost had a heart attack, and I’m pretty sure my sister had bruises on her arm from me slapping her so hard. HA!

Anyways, it was a great night. Enjoy 🙂

IMG_0672 IMG_0644 IMG_0674 IMG_0639 IMG_0637 IMG_0628 IMG_0627 IMG_0622


Daddy/Daughter Dance

The girls and I were able to talk Isaac into going to the daddy/daughter dance yesterday. He is not one for certain situations, I blame that on his time in the military. But that is his story, not mines to tell…

The girls were very excited that he agreed to take them and so I got them all dressed and ready to go. As you can see by the looks on their faces they were very happy!

Anyways, pictures are worth a thousand words. So I will leave them for you to check out 🙂





It’s been a long time.

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It is the last day of August, where did summer vacation go? In June, it seemed like we were enjoying our time as a family of 5 and patiently waiting for our first placement. In July, we spent our time getting to know our first placement and getting on a new routine/schedule. Having two small ones in the house sure does change things. August has been filled with trying to catch-up from July, get into the mindframe that school starts again and that we are back to the hustle and bustle of the rat race called keeping busy…

Anyways, I’m not one for much conversation so I will just post pictures to kind of catch you up 🙂

These are DSLR camera pics vs my iPhone pics that I’ve been posting like crazy 🙂

These are DSLR camera pics vs my iPhone pics that I’ve been posting like crazy 🙂



Miss Marie learning how to take selfie’s

last day of school cuteness




The above pictures are from Concerts on the Square

Mya learning how to use a camera

Face/arm painting with friends!


The above pictures are from our trip to the Dell Diamond

DSC_2152 DSC_2151 DSC_2133 DSC_2120 DSC_2114 DSC_2103 DSC_2126
Fourth of July Pictures, party at our place 🙂

There are tons more pictures, but since a ton of them have the newest members of our household in them I can’t post them online. I will post more pictures of other things we have done, though it has been a “short” summer it has been amazing and fun.

Love y’all, Iiona

Being Comfortable in your Skin

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I’ve been on a mission to help my kiddos how to be comfortable in their own skin, how to love themselves, even when society shows/tells them differently.

It has taken me years to be able to say that I’m comfortable in my skin. That I love who & what I see when I look in the mirror. I won’t lie & say there are things about my body that I would like to change. For instance, a breast lift & reduction. I loved being a size B cup, shirts fit & looked so amazingly! Lol! I could also use some tightening of skin around my middle section & my thighs, but I’m kinda partial to those sags. As in, I did happen to grow 3 lives in that belly of mines. They are also my greatest creations & bring me such joy!

Anyways, check below to see some of our natural love.

20140414-221916.jpg this is from our 7 year anniversary.

20140414-221929.jpg I was having a hair problem. As in, my hair was winning the battle. So I decided to have fun with it!

20140414-221944.jpg Miss Marie and her massive pony puff!

20140414-221957.jpg Miss Marie and our drop off routine, I love this girl 🙂

20140414-222053.jpg Natural Friends. Mini Mouse, Miss Marie & friend!

20140414-222109.jpg Mini Mouse and her yarn braids

20140414-222122.jpg The Team Leaders of loving the skin your in! Ike and Iiona, husband and wife

20140414-222148.jpg Just me

I hope you have been able to love yourself for who you are and that you are able to find someone who loves you unconditionally. Beautifully imperfect and loving every minute of it!