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Fourth of July fun!



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Summer Bingo.

YES! It’s the summer, bummer June is almost over. The one exciting thing about June being almost over is its one day closer to our 10 day family vacation. I am looking forward to a baby free nights, no crying and just big kids and the open road. I love these babies, but LAWD! I am tired of hearing crying and screaming all day everyday. I know there isn’t a day that goes by that is tear free. Can we all just agree to stop crying, wahhhhhhhhhhh! LOL!

Anyways, for the last 2 years. This will make 3, we have done a summer bingo board. It’s kind of like our summer bucket list. Things we would like to do over the summer and then we add some incentives to get it done. Like if we get all four corners we go for ice cream, if we get a blackout (whole board) we go to Great Wolf Lodge or Kemah Boardwalk for the weekend. Either way it’s another way for us to enjoy each other’s company and to keep the summer a fun learning experience… Hey you don’t think I wouldn’t add some learning into all of this fun do you, LOL!


Summer 2013

Bingo Summer

Summer 2014

This last one is what we would like to do this summer, wish us luck. Having three bonus babies might add a small challenge to our process. But we are determined 🙂

Summer Bingo

Summer 2015

Peace, Love and Hairgrease!


It’s been a long time.

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It is the last day of August, where did summer vacation go? In June, it seemed like we were enjoying our time as a family of 5 and patiently waiting for our first placement. In July, we spent our time getting to know our first placement and getting on a new routine/schedule. Having two small ones in the house sure does change things. August has been filled with trying to catch-up from July, get into the mindframe that school starts again and that we are back to the hustle and bustle of the rat race called keeping busy…

Anyways, I’m not one for much conversation so I will just post pictures to kind of catch you up 🙂

These are DSLR camera pics vs my iPhone pics that I’ve been posting like crazy 🙂

These are DSLR camera pics vs my iPhone pics that I’ve been posting like crazy 🙂



Miss Marie learning how to take selfie’s

last day of school cuteness




The above pictures are from Concerts on the Square

Mya learning how to use a camera

Face/arm painting with friends!


The above pictures are from our trip to the Dell Diamond

DSC_2152 DSC_2151 DSC_2133 DSC_2120 DSC_2114 DSC_2103 DSC_2126
Fourth of July Pictures, party at our place 🙂

There are tons more pictures, but since a ton of them have the newest members of our household in them I can’t post them online. I will post more pictures of other things we have done, though it has been a “short” summer it has been amazing and fun.

Love y’all, Iiona

Picture That…

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Here are some photos of what we have been up to lately. It is officially summer here and last week was our week where we really did nothing. That week was amazing and I’m grateful for it. Miss Marie didn’t have gymnastics, no one had any sports or dance practices and we had no where pressing to be. I love those weeks. We will be back to our regularly busy schedule come Monday morning. I think Miss Marie really missed gymnastics, so I’m happy to accommodate her. Also D-boy will be going to track practice and the weight room over the summer three mornings a week, he says he is really starting to enjoy it. We’ll see once he has been a full week getting up at 6:30am to be there by 7:30am and still have a pretty healthy breakfast. Mini Mouse will do Vacation Bible school again, it is a musical and she loved it last year so we are happy to get her in it again this year. She might also go do track with D one morning a week. We’ll see how she does the first time. Anyways, I’ll post again later about Fathers Day.

Until then, peace, love and hair grease!










Summer 2014 Bingo


I can’t remember if I posted about this last year or not. But we are doing it again this year. Our Summer Bingo Board. Getting a Blackout will earn them a trip to a waterpark. And getting anything else will score ice cream, skate park, etc. I still haven’t figured that out completely and they haven’t asked, LOL!

But anyways, without further ado… Our Summer Bingo Board! Welcome Summer 🙂