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So we have a lot going on, I have a lot to catch you up on. But I feel bad that this site has kind of fallen to the side. I swear, it’s coming back! I love to post pictures with my commentary and for some reason I don’t have enough space to do that. Lol! So I’m working on updating and getting my other site up and running. I’ve actually had it for a few years now, just had it connected to this one. Because…. too much work. More on that later, for now. Enjoy this adorable photo of D-boy and mKK watching the girls play soccer this past weekend. 

Happy Thursday Folks! Iiona

Happy Holidays!

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I know, I know I’m late with the Holiday cards. It is what it is. I got the picture done, now all I have to do is get the picture printed and taped to a card and mail it off. I also have to make and send off our vow renewal invites too. I’m glad I’m not expecting a ton of people to come, LOL! Otherwise I would feel overwhelmed with the things I need to get done. 

I’ve been wanting to write for so long, I’ve started so many stories and then kept them to myself. Maybe later on I will share. Right now I’m just surviving, mostly. I’m battling tiredness, like it seems extreme tiredness. I’m trying to see if its the medication or if its just life. I believe it’s a combination of the two. Always being tired makes for long days, trying to force myself to get some energy and do something. I feel like if I can get past the tiredness and go out and do something I will catch my break, but as of now… I can barely remove myself from my couch. And when I do, I return even more tired. 

So I’ve been trying to adjust my diet to possibly help with that. More salads and fruits, more water, and orange juice to combat the stupid allergies I still have. 

We’ve had so many fun things happening over the last month or so. Let’s see, we took in a foster placement. Her nickname is mKK. Some days I’m happy all we have is one kiddo and other days I feel like we have three foster kiddos. She is a lot of work. And I mean she is a lot of work emotionally, I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate that. It is such a peculiar place to find myself in. Maybe one day I will explain more of what I mean. Right now I will stick to the surface of it. I believe she really does like it here, she is the baby in the house so she pretty much gets all of the attention. But it also doesn’t mean we’re going to let you get away with murder or not help clean up the toys you pulled out. 

Let’s see, Mouse was accepted into a summer ballet intensive again. She is very excited and looking forward to it. I am just trying to remember to send off the scholarship application to help pay for it. $1000 for two weeks is intense for one kiddo, so any help she can get is always nice. LOL! She also recently got her first pair of pointe shoes. She was so incredibly excited, and I was just excited for her. She will be amazing and absolutely beautiful. She entered a picture into a photo contest through her school and she won and was able to move forward to the state competition level. At school her classmates and teachers nominated her for an award on Service. And today she will be honored at a Black History Banquet for her achievements lately. She is an amazing little human being. I am constantly in awe of what she wants and how she goes for it. 

On February 8th, we welcomed a niece into our family. My little sister had a baby girl. GUYS, she is absolutely amazing and adorable and I love her so. I am obsessed with her and snapping her picture. I’m happy I have a new subject to take pictures of. LOL!

On March 31st, Ike and I will be celebrating 10 years of us… married that is. It seems so weird to be here. I’m glad we are, he is annoying and so am I. But I do so love that guy. To celebrate this amazing milestone we are doing a vow renewal. Nothing big. We have a friend who is going to do the ceremony and another friend who will take the pictures. It will be at the local park here in G-Town and we will offer desserts at our house after. We wanted it to stay close to our theme from our wedding. Small, personal and with those who have been a big part of our family. We still have some red as our colors, just a deeper more rich red. Kind of like our marriage. A lot deeper and more rich. I’m looking forward to it. I just need to practice making th cake and cupcakes before we get to the actual date. Yeah, I didn’t mention that part did I. 

We cooked for our wedding so why not bake for our renewal?! I’ll do a cake, some cupcakes and possibly a cheesecake and offer chocolates (again) as a Thank you for coming we Love y’all!

The coolest thing is we’ve committed to do a five week summer road trip. I am soooooooo excited about this road trip. We have the basic locations planned out, and the dates we want to be in those locations. Now we’re letting people know in those locations to make sure they will be there and we can see them. Next will be a kind of narrowing down of things we might want to do while we are in those locations. I love planning road trips. This will be the longest we will be gone on a road trip so I’m nervous how we will feel after day 14, but I’m also just excited for the opportunity. 

Anyways, the sun is peeking through my window and I hear two little girls awake. So I’m going to go and get them dressed and ready for the day. My morning mantra has been, “Let’s Get It!” 

So here’s to an amazing Saturday… Let’s Get It!!!


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What one thing…

What was the one toy that a friend had that you wished you had when you were little?

I truly don’t remember if I had a ton of toys or barely any when I was under 6. I do remember I had a couple of cabbage patch dolls that I was completely attached to and they came with me everywhere I went. I remember once going to a family friends house and the lady having my babies propped up on the bed ready and waiting for me when I got there. I also remember going fishing that day and catching a big fish, which was probably small but in my little world huge. I also remember being dotted on and having all of the attention, I don’t know how old I was exactly. But I do feel like I was old enough to have a baby sister by then, LOL! She is only 4 years younger then me, but she was also premature so that could explain it all.

Anyways, as I got older I fell in love with Barbie and Ken. I had tons of barbie dolls and a handful of Ken dolls. I had a GI Joe, Hulk, and a few other non traditional dolls as well. One of my favorite ones was MC Hammer… He was such a character and his one dance was one I tried to emulate on a regular. I spent so much time in pretend play with all of my barbies and her cars and houses and the such. But I also spent a good portion of time outside, playing freeze tag, or bloody Mary or building snow forts and having snowball fights. We were allowed to be outside all day, only returning once the street lights came on. I swear when I was in elementary school in Sun Prairie I was never home, still to this day I don’t remember where I ate lunch or dinner. I think a few times i would get called in to eat dinner and then run back outside as quick as I could. But most times I’m pretty positive I ate outside of the home.

Most of the people I spent my times with were within the same economical status as our family, middle class. But also most of the people I spent my time with were white and not black. I grew up in predominately white neighborhoods, and went to schools that had the same look. As a matter of fact, I was one of only three children in my elementary school that were black. One was of mixed race, but everyone still called him black, and the other child was an am kindergarten student. It made for some rather interesting conversations on the playground.

But I’m getting distracted and so back to the topic at hand. There was one toy that I wanted and was never able to get, simply because of the cost associated with this toy. I longed to have an American Girl Doll, I wanted Ce´cile and Felicity. I wanted     Ce´cile because she was a black baby doll and I wanted Felicity because I just really liked her. I didn’t really have a ton of friends who had the American Girl Dolls, but the ones I knew who had almost every historical character that was made. I wanted one so much I swear my skin could feel the need, LOL!

Even as I’ve gotten older I have wanted an American Girl Doll of my own. I have a Cabbage Patch Kid with my exact birthday and a Holiday barbie from a few years ago. But still no American Girl Doll. Hey, no judging here! I am lucky enough to have two little girls who love baby dolls as much as I did growing up and I’m ashamed to say it… They have had at least 4 American Girl Dolls (Two I paid for myself) and a few look-a-like babies from Tarjay and Wally World. They love their babies and like to dress them up and do their hair. I on the other hand want them to be pretty and in their boxes and look at them, but I have to remind myself they aren’t my baby dolls. Haha! I do so love finding stuff for their babies to use and I’ve gotten into making them things for their babies. As a matter of fact I have a whole Pinterest board to support that habit, feel free to check that out here

So even though I wished upon tons of shooting stars for the chance to get an American Girl Doll, my wish didn’t come true until I had two little girls of my own. Granted, I’m almost positive I didn’t mean for it to include the price tag. But I will suck it up and deal because I’m finally getting what I wanted as a child, the chance to be a child again with the help of my own little girls. One who looks like me but is the total opposite when it comes to style and the things she likes. And the other one who looks exactly like daddy but embodies everything that I was as a young child, as in being a tomboy at heart but every now and then wanting to be girly. LOL!

What about you, what was that one toy you wanted growing up that a friend had and you didn’t? Tell me in the comments below, I would love to hear about someone else’s favorite  toy growing up!

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