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Why I don’t make my bed…

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I’ve seen posts and entire series on why someone makes their bed, keeps their house clean, etc. And I can see where they are coming from, completely. But I’m not of that school of thought, actually I can’t stand cleaning. But I do it everyday.

My top reasons why I don’t make my bed…

1. I just don’t want to

2. It’s inviting to me, I can walk in my room and be like… Oh, my bed is calling me.

3. I’m just going to get back in it later

4. I don’t care if people see that my house looks lived in, because guess what… people live here, play here, sleep here, eat here, and have fun here

5. When I was growing up I was forced to make my bed a certain way and could NEVER sit on my bed, EVER

6. Our rooms had to be spotless, and when we played it was like we were being bad because a toy was on the floor.

7. We rarely had friends over, and when they would it was so sterile and scary. Because if they messed up the bed or didn’t put something away we would get into so much trouble.

8. I don’t want my children’s focus to be on being perfect, I want them to be children and to have fun and to live. I don’t want their memories of childhood to be of spotless non-played in rooms that can never get messy

9. I just don’t want to

10. It’s inviting to me, I can walk in my room and be like… Oh, my bed is calling me.

So basically, sometimes I will get the urge to make up the bed. But most times Ike does it, and that’s fine for both of us. D-boy makes his bed every morning. Miss Marie only makes her bed once a month, if that, and only after we tell her to. Mini Mouse makes her bed every other day. And that’s fine with us, all of us. I’m sure when they get older it could change, and that’s for them to choose not me.

Also, so many people are focused on the way a room/house looks… Not me, the main areas of the house are clean. They are in no way spotless and only are right after we clean. But after that, our house looks lived in. You can walk into a room and see that children have played in it. You can see where they had a secret lair in our main living room and not in the playroom which is out of sight. You can see where we ate a great meal at breakfast because all of the crumbs are still on the table. And you know what, it is fine. At some point in that day, it will be cleaned up. All of the pillows from the coach will be fluffed and replaced to their proper location. All of the shoes will eventually find their way back to everyone’s closets, all of the crayons and papers will find their location in the playroom.

I want my children to be happy and full of joy, and so instead of washing all of the dishes right after dinner. We will clear the table, and pull out a board game or shot for the championship in pool or just sit down and catch a movie on television. So in this house you will find happy, messy, well trained, respectful children. Just because we don’t make our beds and have every nook and cranny cleared of toys/shoes/crayons, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t clean people. It doesn’t mean that we are dirty, it just means we have different priorities then you. Our priorities will always be our family and our happiness, everything else will fall into place.

Plus if you are in our house on a Saturday morning, you know that our house is cleaned from the week. Which again is why I can’t stand laundry. Speaking of laundry, we are taking applications for someone to come and fold clothes.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Hairgrease!




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