Just another manic Monday

3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Sometimes things are not as they seem. It depends upon the way the light hits the object when you’re ready to snap the shot…or the angle from which you look at the picture – forever preserved as it was in the precise moment that you snapped the shutter. I know that this blog is about what you – as the creator – sees; but for whatever it’s worth, I see amazing progress in the things that mean the most in the BIG PICTURE.

    • Thank you Tamar! Sometimes as you’re in the thick of things, it seems as if everything is going so slow. And then once you’ve moved out from it, thats when you can see fully that things have progressed farther then you even imagined!

      • You always speak these feelings in a way that transmits and as something that rings familiar. Did you have a blessed birthday?

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