Just another manic Monday

Heavy and thick…


Sometimes it comes out of nowhere, heavy and thick. Like a dark cloud invading the space I’ve created.

Other times I feel it like a tide coming in off the sea, steady and rising with a full force behind it. Leaving damage in its wake.

That’s the way the feelings get. Sometimes they’re mines, the feelings I have all of a sudden. When I remember that something has happened or is about to happen, I get the feelings.

And other times, they are the feelings of someone near or far. Most times I can navigate them fine.

Other times they leave me fully drained and sitting in a pool of my own sweat and tears. 

The ones that last too long, have me questioning every life decision I have ever made. Wondering why I’m so horrible. But as quick as it came is as quick as it leaves. 

Leaving me wondering if I’m actually going crazy. It’s like a switch was flipped and instantly the sadness, the tears and the heavy feeling is gone.

Only to pop up a few days, weeks, or months later…  



4 thoughts on “Heavy and thick…

  1. I’m hearing your truth. I’m respectfully honoring your voice. Today what I have to give you is to say that all of this hard work will help those pieces fit into the spaces where they belong. I love you. I’m praying for healing and peace.

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