Just another manic Monday

And sometimes… It’s like.


And sometimes…

Depression is simply acknowledging the feelings you are experiencing at the moment. 

Every single one of them! And then figuring out what to do with them once you’ve looked at them for a few days.

It’s tiring, it takes all of you to be there. When all you want to do is run the other way. To find a dock along a bay somewhere and sit there to waste time.

Today, today I could muster enough strength to sit on the back patio, soak up some sun and stick my bare feet in the grass. It felt great. I felt level for once over the last few days.

Depression is encompassing, filling every single crevice of your body. Leaving you feeling anxious and unsettled. Pacing the floors of your house, feeling restless and not being able to focus. 

Wanting to sleep and remove the world but not being able to because the world keeps knocking at your door. Actually, banging! Refusing to walk away even when you don’t answer it.

Depression is a catch in your breath because you can feel the tears getting ready to fall but wanting to catch them because you’ve done enough crying to last a lifetime. 

But, tomorrow is a new day and the sky keeps wanting to be purple.

Love and Light…

2 thoughts on “And sometimes… It’s like.

  1. Love and light back at you Sister. You are precious.

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