Just another manic Monday

Have I introduced you yet?

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Am I the only married woman with a second spouse? This other guy is unmistakable, amazing, ages perfectly and is one yummy chocolate drop. If I met him tomorrow I can’t be sure what my reaction would be… So his name is Denzel, as in Denzel Washington. I’m sure you have all heard of him and admire him as well. He is one of those actors that make you believe every role he plays in. It is pretty creepy, so the only movie that he did I don’t like is American Gangsta. That was too bad boy for me…

I also have a girl crush on Tina Turner and I pray I get to meet her before she passes, she looks amazing at the age of 73! My husband loves him some Janet Jackson and Vivica Fox, I think they are pretty hot as well, but they can’t touch Tina Turner.

Well anyways, I will allow you to take a peek at this handsome man of mines. And no I don’t mean Ike, LOL! No drooling too long over this sexy chocolate, but you can see what I mean right…?


Sweet Dreams 🙂