Just another manic Monday


Remember that Elf we had…

Well, he returned for another 24 days of fun in our house. You remember him, right?! Eddy Virgin-Lewis.

Well his grand entrance that Ike and I had planned for him didn’t go off as planned. As a matter of fact his return was postponed by like 3 days. I was actually worried that Mini Mouse would just go find him and bring him back herself, lol!

The night of his return, December 1st. We got a new Fostercare placement. Actually we got 3 little ones & well they tend to help put holds on things around these parts. Lol! But more about them in a different post.

Eddy has had some days where he was just plain stuck in his spot he choose the night before. Because this mama and papa were just to darn tired to move that stupid thing. Lol!
But when he did move the girls loved it and D-boy kind of rolled his eyes. I’m glad he doesn’t try and ruin the fun for his younger sisters.

Below are just a few of the things he has done since arriving. He leaves tonight, Thank You LAWD!!!!!! Didn’t think I could keep it up any longer.

The annoying thing about his departure is he hasn’t made them anything, food wise, which is what he does. So I’m stuck making some type of something Elfy tonight, after all kiddos are in bed, and I’m typically not far behind. Sooooo, this will be interesting! I’ll update you on that tomorrow.
















Then of course there is the Nutcracker Elf that showed up everyday for practice and performances. Now yall think I have issues, no sir/ma’am she has more time and skills on her side. And I’m contemplating doing this next year. Because seriously these are THE CUTEST ELVES EVER!!!! Lol