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Eddy Virgin-Lewis

Every year Eddy comes and helps us countdown to Christmas. If you don’t remember, Eddy is our Elf who started visiting us about 2 years ago. Each year he seems to get more and more daring with the things he does. This year was no different. Our girls LOVE Eddy and D-boy tolerates him. Only because I told him he has no choice but to act as if he doesn’t know its us doing the work. A few times this year I even let him set up the things Eddy was going to do.

As you can see, Eddy has two additional friends this year. They are Freddy and Jr. Eddy is the white elf, Freddy is the black elf and that leaves Jr being the reindeer. Last year while at my favorite store… Tarjay… and we found a few clothes and a reindeer, that’s how we have Jr and some of their cool gear. Anyways, I’m almost positive I’ve set myself up for failure for next year. I don’t think I can out do myself. I mean, they arrived in a hotair balloon, played video games, brought their super cool new Disney Ornament and a few other things.

My goal next year is to just make sure they continue on their path for a consecutive 2?+ odd days. I think I will wait until like December 1st to have them come back though. LOL!

Well anyways, enjoy the pictures! I had fun with most of it. Some days/nights I was mad that I even thought of the idea… Like Super Mario Brothers… That took Ike and I FOREVER to do. But the girls totally LOVED it. So I guess well worth it, ha!


Eddy Virgin-Lewis

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Here is a quick rundown of what Eddy did this Christmas season. I intended on posting a pic once a day, but then decided against it because I forgot to move him sometimes too…


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