Just another manic Monday

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I’ll be There…

With permission I am sharing pictures from D-boy’s performance in a chorus show. He sang the solo for a Michael Jackson song. I’ll be There and he killed it, LOL!




Eddy Virgin-Lewis

Every year Eddy comes and helps us countdown to Christmas. If you don’t remember, Eddy is our Elf who started visiting us about 2 years ago. Each year he seems to get more and more daring with the things he does. This year was no different. Our girls LOVE Eddy and D-boy tolerates him. Only because I told him he has no choice but to act as if he doesn’t know its us doing the work. A few times this year I even let him set up the things Eddy was going to do.

As you can see, Eddy has two additional friends this year. They are Freddy and Jr. Eddy is the white elf, Freddy is the black elf and that leaves Jr being the reindeer. Last year while at my favorite store… Tarjay… and we found a few clothes and a reindeer, that’s how we have Jr and some of their cool gear. Anyways, I’m almost positive I’ve set myself up for failure for next year. I don’t think I can out do myself. I mean, they arrived in a hotair balloon, played video games, brought their super cool new Disney Ornament and a few other things.

My goal next year is to just make sure they continue on their path for a consecutive 2?+ odd days. I think I will wait until like December 1st to have them come back though. LOL!

Well anyways, enjoy the pictures! I had fun with most of it. Some days/nights I was mad that I even thought of the idea… Like Super Mario Brothers… That took Ike and I FOREVER to do. But the girls totally LOVED it. So I guess well worth it, ha!


Being tired and the Holiday Season…

Let me just tell you… I’m exhausted, I’m sick and I’m looking forward to the weekend. 

We just completed two weeks of the Nutcracker with Mouse. That was downtown Austin in horrible traffic and holiday traffic and everyday there was an accident. Reminds me of why I love living in small town USA! 

Our littles are leaving our home and going to another home that would also be willing to adopt them when the time comes. As much as I love these three kiddos, it has been! I’m glad we were able to give them what they needed for this last year, but it is now time to focus on our family and my commitment to taking care of self. It’s stressful because we want to keep them, but know we can’t give them what they need for the rest of their lives. We want to expand our family, but only by one… Possibly two if circumstances are right.

We are taking the big kiddos to Walt Disney World for New Years and… Yeah… I know all of this stressing beforehand will all be worth it. I guess the biggest issue is making sure I have all together. And then I had a friend tell me the other day that I needed to breathe and rest, that it would all work out. I know it will, I’m just ocd sometimes. 

The last few days I’ve had a headache and a scratchy sore throat. It’s not fun, I don’t like being sick. As a matter of fact, I’m going to tell you something not a lot of people know… I’m a whiner when I get sick. It’s rather pathetic sometimes. 

The last few months I’ve been dealing with blurry vision. Just assuming, I don’t know, nothing. Well it could actually be why I’ve been having headaches and stuff. I could be getting old *cluthes pearls* NEVER! I’m just going to go with my vision is blurry and not that I might actually need glasses…

Anyways, I’m still here. Just learning to push the pause button so that I may stay rested and well grounded!



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It’s 2:30 in the am…

I’m just now making my way to my comfortable bed & painfully realizing that 5:45am comes quicker then one thinks.

My time clock is off and so this is what happens. I got tons of extra sleep this morning, but it comes at a cost.

I was up watching Adele in the BBC, what a lovely lady she is (I said all of that with a British accent). I just love her music! Before that I was watching Hunger Games part 2. It was a good movie, but I hated the ending. So anti-climatic. Maybe I should read the books now…

This is week two of Mouses Nutcracker performances. We have 5 shows this weekend, I’m ready for it to begin. The girl is estatic, lol! They have done such an amazing job this year. I loved being able to see it fully on Sunday! I even captured some behind the scenes photos during lasts weeks performances.

 Our little countdown to Christmas elf is back with a couple of friends. The girls love all of it! I’m just trying to stay on top of them. Last week they stayed in the same two spots for a few days. But it was all because they enjoyed where they were…

 I mean who wants to leave Mario world?!?

Anyways, I’m off to catch a few zzzz’s!

Chat later!


Conversation over breakfast

I truly enjoy bonding over a plate of great food and a cup of coffee or a mimosa.

If we were going to have a conversation over breakfast, I would suggest we meet at Mimi’s Cafe. That’s my first choice, I LOVE the quiche and mimosas at the restaurant. It’s small, quiet and great service.

If we were going to have a conversation over breakfast, the same lady we’ve seen the last few times we’ve come to Mimi’s would walk over and ask if us ladies were ready to order. She would bring over a basket of yummy muffins & breads and bring us our water and drinks right away. I’m positive we would be laughing at some half ass joke I had made on the way into the restaurant. Most likely me saying, I told you I would beat you here. And you would be rolling your eyes because it’s only the first time out of like 50 where you were late.

If we were going to have a conversation over breakfast, the conversation would flow from my inability to make it anywhere on time, to our husbands, then our children and would settle comfortably on the meaning of life and why we are here. Our conversations always settle on life and how it is we are navigating it.

If we were going to have a conversation over breakfast, our plates would have arrived by now and we would have blessed our food and be quietly eating the first few bites to savor the taste, the flavor and the texture of the food. We might have hemmed and hawed over what we were going to try this week, but what we know wins over our tastebuds and so I would be savoring the flaky crust ot quiche and you the smooth taste of your pancakes. Taking sips of our drinks in between every 5th bite.

If we were going to have a conversation over breakfast, I would have asked you how do you navigate feelings of not being where you envisioned yourself at this time in your life? I might have even asked if you felt like you were where you were supposed to be? You would pause in thought mid chew to truly think about that question and answer me precisely with… A question.

If we were going to have a conversation over breakfast, I would try to answer that question as precisely as I could. Thinking and chewing slowly, taking deep sips of my drink. I would finally answer you in such a way that only you could possibly understand and then instantly become distracted by the person standing behind you asking me to give someone in the restaurant a message.

If we were going to have a conversation over breakfast, we would just be, letting our spirits be free, while our thoughts go sit in the corner to be quiet. We would talk about how happy we’ve been lately and how we are coming from behind the veil and learning to be our true self.

If we were going to have a conversation over breakfast, we would instantly be brought back to the present as we realized we still had important things to do other then sitting in a restaurant enjoying each others company.

If we were going to have a conversation over breakfast, we would continue our conversation as we walked out of the restaurant to our cars and stand by them for another 45 minutes. Just to make sure we completed our conversation.

If we were going to have a conversation over breakfast, we would sort of plan another meet up for breakfast conversation in about a month. But as soon as we hopped in our cars and started driving away someone would call the other and say I forgot to tell you…

If we were going to have a conversation over breakfast, I would get home and be reminded that I had been gone for about 3 hours. And realize that time stands still when you are present in the moment, but it continues for everyone else around you.

If we were going to have a conversation over breakfast, I would smile to myself as I realized that it is hard to come by such great friends. And I would look forward to our next conversation over breakfast.

Maybe this time our conversation would move to a late dinner and drinks meeting. A chance to get out of the house and be…

Thanks for breakfast and the conversations we have shared…