Just another manic Monday



Hello Beautiful! 

The other morning I was seriously considering a multitask of sorts. Taking my much needed cup of coffee in to the shower with me. Then just standing under the water as it washed over me and I sipped my coffee. 

And well because I’m a germaphobe… This was as far as I got, and this was past my comfort zone, lol! 

Needless to say I did stand in the shower with the water washing over me. I paused an extra five breathes to center myself, catch up with where I was and then move forward in the rest of my day.

I cherish the small moments. This moment to have coffee and a shower with no littles demanding my attention was great. 

Here’s to beautiful starts to every morning!

Namaste, I

2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. I’m hearing you Sister! Life is often about perspective. You do that so well with your photos, in the shower (with or without the coffee cup), etc. 🙂 Blessings to you in the small moments, the big ones, and the in between ones.

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