Just another manic Monday

Class Parties


So Mouse and Marie are still in elementary school so they have Valentines Day parties. I swear this day snuck up on me because before I knew it it was the day before the party and the only one with anything to bring to the party was Marie. 

I decided to do non candy valentines cards, made life so much easier for Marie. Anyways, I’m the room mom for Mouses class and the co-room mom for Marie’s class. Both parties turned out super low key and full of sugared up kiddos. 

And Lil’ Cesar’s made a TON of money off of the school. Every grade had pizza from there. Lol! I’m so over pizza!


Anyways, looking forward to a long 4 day weekend. I know we will be at the park most of the time. Getting outside and enjoying the weather. Waiting on th rest of the crew now, we might go see the babies (foster kiddos) tonight. I think Baby N talks now. I was on the phone with her new mamma and I heard her in the background. Looking forward to getting in some squishy baby hugs and kisses!


3 thoughts on “Class Parties

  1. 🙂 Have a WONDERFUL weekend, you amazing mama, you!

  2. Have a WONDERFUL weekend, you amazing mama, you!

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