Just another manic Monday

From the beginning…

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Looking back over the few stories I have sitting in the unpublished file, I can see I’ve started a conversation on religion and spirituality and then let it sit. I think I have over 5 stories sitting waiting for me to come back to them. It’s not that I didn’t have a story, it’s that I realized I was and still aim seeking what my view on all of those things are. 

I can say with absolute certainty that I don’t not believe in the God of the bible. I don’t believe in organized religion. I do believe in the divine, in the creator. Just not the same one most people who are Christian believe in. I realized tonight that I have issues with blonde hair, blue eyes, in a box God. Like major issues. I’ve known that for a while, I just tend to gloss over it or not put much thought into it. 

But a few days ago I knew I needed to go back to the beginning. Start with a clean slate and learn. I mean truly learn, because I won’t be able to move forward in my pursuit of a happy life if I am still hung up on some blonde hair blue eyed beast who allows people to be hurt and rules with an iron fist… See, issues…

Anyways, I said I would give EVERY religion and creation story a fair shake. I know I am taking on a huge task, but I have time right now. Nothing but time actually :-/ Learning about religions isn’t anything new for me, most of my BS (that’s the degree, not bullshit) is in religion and women’s studies. So I am in the beginning stages, actually completely engrossed in a book now. I had to pause to write this. What’s most interesting about the book is occasionally she will ask a ton of questions with the thought it would get you to see where you are and answer the questions honestly. Like…

1. What was your childhood religion, if any?

2. What did your mother teach you about God?

3. Describe your childhood God using at least ten adjectives.

4. Is this still the God you believe in?

5. Write a prayer.

Etc.. As you can see by some of the questions I’m going to have a ball with this book. I realized today I miss being in school, so basically I just set up my own course and coursework… I need to apply to Graduate school soon…

Anyways, I think I’ve lost focus. Actually, I know I lost focus. Unfortunately today, that is my issue and I’m being forever gracious with myself and ending this post here. Maybe tomorrow will be more focused and a little more indepth conversation. Or maybe… Birds… Lol!



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