Just another manic Monday

It’s 2:30 in the am…

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I’m just now making my way to my comfortable bed & painfully realizing that 5:45am comes quicker then one thinks.

My time clock is off and so this is what happens. I got tons of extra sleep this morning, but it comes at a cost.

I was up watching Adele in the BBC, what a lovely lady she is (I said all of that with a British accent). I just love her music! Before that I was watching Hunger Games part 2. It was a good movie, but I hated the ending. So anti-climatic. Maybe I should read the books now…

This is week two of Mouses Nutcracker performances. We have 5 shows this weekend, I’m ready for it to begin. The girl is estatic, lol! They have done such an amazing job this year. I loved being able to see it fully on Sunday! I even captured some behind the scenes photos during lasts weeks performances.

 Our little countdown to Christmas elf is back with a couple of friends. The girls love all of it! I’m just trying to stay on top of them. Last week they stayed in the same two spots for a few days. But it was all because they enjoyed where they were…

 I mean who wants to leave Mario world?!?

Anyways, I’m off to catch a few zzzz’s!

Chat later!

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