Just another manic Monday

Stream of Consciousness


So, I’ve been writing and writing and then not writing. I’ve also on some occasions just because, did not post a story. So, this is me posting what I’ve been writing. Kind of…


I have so many things roaming around in my head so I will just grab one and write about it. I’ve been having this strong pull to do yoga and listen to a song called Happy Feelings. I’m not sure where the song is coming from, but overtime I wake up from sleep the song is on repeat until I actually pull it up and listen to it. I also have to sing some of the words.

It has been annoying for the most part, I don’t like having songs stuck in my head. But the other half likes it or at least the song so I won’t stop singing it. Maybe it has something to do with the old feel of the song. You know, it was sung my Maze after all.

So this yoga thing, I have dreams of doing handstands and doing things that require me to be limber. More limber then what I am, haha! We’ll see how that goes. I also have a need to do yoga with a specific person. I truly enjoyed her way of running the class so I think thats why I feel a pull to that.

For a little I was considering getting a life coach, and


This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. Sorry, its posted late. But sometimes that’s just life.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

2 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness

  1. I say that if you’re gonna have a song stuck in your head, it might as well be “Happy Feelings” by Maze. Back at you with those words. And if my old hips hadn’t spoken up, I would still be loving my Hawaiian/Chinese yoga video. Sounds like your 5 minutes is rich.

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