Just another manic Monday



I have nothing, my brain is fried, I’ve been fighting sleep all day and the paperwork I need to compete is still not completed. So my best bet is to just go to sleep, it’s a new day tomorrow and I can screw it off or be more productive. We’ll see what my tired brain tells me in the am.

I feel like I’ve never been more tired in my life, it’s amazing I can even type this short post. I’ll do some editing in the am, maybe actually post something good. Lol

NaBloPoMo November 2015

2 thoughts on “Today 

  1. Sounds like rhythms redefining themselves. I thought only we July babies were affected by weather, daylight savings time, food, you name it. Hard to be a woman whose body, heart, soul and mind always try to get back to Ground Zero in spite of our best efforts to go in the direction we want to go. Also sounds like the journaling is working on a deep level. Wish I could help with that horrid paperwork. Thought I was done with that when our foster daughter became an adult. But then she elected me to be her rep payee and the paperwork/audits haven’t gone away. It’s getting easier. Just about the time it becomes a “breeze” I suppose I’ll check out of this world and into eternity. I KNOW there’s no mandatory paperwork in Heaven (: Hope you can get a good deep nap and get caught up. THANK YOU for being a REAL standin mom to families who need help. Vitamin D is our friend! Finally got mine to a therapeutic range after years…and Vit B12! Love to journey/al with you for inspiration. Time to “recharge”, Friend.

    • Yes, I feel like that is what is happening right now. My body is in the mode of resetting and everything else is saying i can’t do that just yet, I’m not done with what I have to finish tonight. My brain has felt so tired and out of sync. Today is one of the first days that I have been more clear headed and not all tired.

      Journaling is working wonders, I’m not sure why I stopped doing it so long ago, I’m loving every moment of it!

      As for that paperwork, I am just grateful to have such an understanding Case Manager. I’m slowly turning things in, I have to realize that sometimes it’s a marathon not a dash. And yes, I need lots of Vitamin D and a little “recharging” in some earthy place has been working wonders.

      Thanks again Friend!

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