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What one thing…

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What was the one toy that a friend had that you wished you had when you were little?

I truly don’t remember if I had a ton of toys or barely any when I was under 6. I do remember I had a couple of cabbage patch dolls that I was completely attached to and they came with me everywhere I went. I remember once going to a family friends house and the lady having my babies propped up on the bed ready and waiting for me when I got there. I also remember going fishing that day and catching a big fish, which was probably small but in my little world huge. I also remember being dotted on and having all of the attention, I don’t know how old I was exactly. But I do feel like I was old enough to have a baby sister by then, LOL! She is only 4 years younger then me, but she was also premature so that could explain it all.

Anyways, as I got older I fell in love with Barbie and Ken. I had tons of barbie dolls and a handful of Ken dolls. I had a GI Joe, Hulk, and a few other non traditional dolls as well. One of my favorite ones was MC Hammer… He was such a character and his one dance was one I tried to emulate on a regular. I spent so much time in pretend play with all of my barbies and her cars and houses and the such. But I also spent a good portion of time outside, playing freeze tag, or bloody Mary or building snow forts and having snowball fights. We were allowed to be outside all day, only returning once the street lights came on. I swear when I was in elementary school in Sun Prairie I was never home, still to this day I don’t remember where I ate lunch or dinner. I think a few times i would get called in to eat dinner and then run back outside as quick as I could. But most times I’m pretty positive I ate outside of the home.

Most of the people I spent my times with were within the same economical status as our family, middle class. But also most of the people I spent my time with were white and not black. I grew up in predominately white neighborhoods, and went to schools that had the same look. As a matter of fact, I was one of only three children in my elementary school that were black. One was of mixed race, but everyone still called him black, and the other child was an am kindergarten student. It made for some rather interesting conversations on the playground.

But I’m getting distracted and so back to the topic at hand. There was one toy that I wanted and was never able to get, simply because of the cost associated with this toy. I longed to have an American Girl Doll, I wanted Ce´cile and Felicity. I wanted     Ce´cile because she was a black baby doll and I wanted Felicity because I just really liked her. I didn’t really have a ton of friends who had the American Girl Dolls, but the ones I knew who had almost every historical character that was made. I wanted one so much I swear my skin could feel the need, LOL!

Even as I’ve gotten older I have wanted an American Girl Doll of my own. I have a Cabbage Patch Kid with my exact birthday and a Holiday barbie from a few years ago. But still no American Girl Doll. Hey, no judging here! I am lucky enough to have two little girls who love baby dolls as much as I did growing up and I’m ashamed to say it… They have had at least 4 American Girl Dolls (Two I paid for myself) and a few look-a-like babies from Tarjay and Wally World. They love their babies and like to dress them up and do their hair. I on the other hand want them to be pretty and in their boxes and look at them, but I have to remind myself they aren’t my baby dolls. Haha! I do so love finding stuff for their babies to use and I’ve gotten into making them things for their babies. As a matter of fact I have a whole Pinterest board to support that habit, feel free to check that out here

So even though I wished upon tons of shooting stars for the chance to get an American Girl Doll, my wish didn’t come true until I had two little girls of my own. Granted, I’m almost positive I didn’t mean for it to include the price tag. But I will suck it up and deal because I’m finally getting what I wanted as a child, the chance to be a child again with the help of my own little girls. One who looks like me but is the total opposite when it comes to style and the things she likes. And the other one who looks exactly like daddy but embodies everything that I was as a young child, as in being a tomboy at heart but every now and then wanting to be girly. LOL!

What about you, what was that one toy you wanted growing up that a friend had and you didn’t? Tell me in the comments below, I would love to hear about someone else’s favorite  toy growing up!

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  1. I think I was pretty envious because I didn’t have what other girls did. But it all worked out over the years. I love to watch my children play with their children and nieces/nephews. Sometimes this Grandma likes to be a kid and play too. I once gave my granddaughter an imaginary dog. I meant to distract her from a sad moment. It worked. I named him Jumper and he went everywhere with her. People were confused as to why they couldn’t see the dog that was so real. After several months, I explained that the great thing about an imaginary dog is that you can forget about him if you need to. He’ll always be there waiting. This helped redirect some of her focus on Jumper, but I think everyone was a bit relieved when they got a real dog and Jumper took a new role. 🙂 For all of my family’s faults, I’m so thankful that we were taught to play as well as work. BTW I read this blog entry on my granddaughter’s ninth birthday. When we stopped in to wish her a happy birthday, I was charmed to see that tje American Girl doll that I bought at a rummage sale for my oldest when she was in high school (she’s now 35) had been passed to my granddaughter and they (child and doll) had found matching dresses when birthday shopping. Life is too short! Play!

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