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I’ve decided

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I’ve decided to join up with a slew of amazing writers, bloggers and photographers to do a month of challenge with NaBloPoMo and NaPhoPoMo. Basically, I will be posting for a full 30 days in November. If you look on the sidebar of this blog you will see, I tried to do this last year. Or was it two years ago… whatever the case, that was an epic FAIL! And I’m perfectly ok with that fail, LOL! My goal is to get in back into the habit of writing, I so miss it and so here I go giving it a try.  I guess my main issue has been my spirit of creativity has taken a back seat. But I’m giving her the reigns again and looking forward to where she takes me. I don’t want every post to be all somber and sad and melancholy, so I’m finding the positive and using it to my full advantage. Plus, I’m just preparing myself for the New Year!

My photos will be posted on my instagram feed and possibly my tumblr page. You can see my instagram photos in the sidebar, so that is definitely my first location to post. These photos will be a combination of my iPhone and my DSLR, I am looking forward to really getting to know my DSLR. The two of us are going to be the best of buddies soon.

I’m trying to make a choice between a new piece of glass (lens for my camera) or a new laptop. Actually what I want is a new camera body, with a couple new pieces of glass and the laptop and software to go with it. But what will inevitably happen is I will either get a new lens or a new laptop, yes… First World Photographer Problems… Maybe my other half will get that one lens for my Birth-DAY. LOL!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, I’m trying out a new way to blog… No photos attached. We’ll see how long that lasts, LOL! I like pretty things 🙂

Anyways, I have already started the posting. And so look forward to many more to come in the 28 days to follow.

NaBloPoMo November 2015


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  1. So glad you made this decision. Reading you is like living fully.

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