Just another manic Monday

Hearing the messages Loud and Clear…


I swear sometimes the messages are so garbled and I’m not able to understand any of it. And then there are those messages that literally smack you in your face a few times.

I am stubborn and tend to do things my own way, well tonight as I was sitting here catching up on some light reading. One of the blogs I follow or was it someone on instagram…? I’m not entirely sure, I just know that one story lead to another and eventually I ended up on a page where this message repeated itself to me AGAIN for the 500th time today. I mean it really wasn’t 500 times, but it sure felt like it. I had seen the message in passing a few times today and each time I completely ignored it.

Well here I am saying, I am sorry for almost missing the message that was literally smacking me in my face. I have royally screwed up and so as I try and fix it, whatever it is. I am asking for a spirit of forgiveness and openness.

I truly just want to smack myself across the head, because if it was a snake I would have been bitten a half a dozen times today alone.

Pido disculpas por mis acciones..


2 thoughts on “Hearing the messages Loud and Clear…

  1. Glad you have clarity on YOUR truth….but don’t be smackin yourself in the head! Love you.

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