Just another manic Monday

Gymnastics anyone…

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Miss Marie is in the middle of her competition season. I like this part of it because she has a meet this weekend, Sunday to be exact. Then the next meet is the first weekend in November and then the first weekend in December. 

This is her second time competing at Level 3, we are glad she had the chance to learn and perfect what she learned. Next up is Level 4, she just needs to score an overall score of 36 at her next meet. I can’t lie and say that I’m not a little worried, lol! But I have faith in my little and I believe she will get it done!    

In the meantime, we will enjoy some fun times between these next three meets. I’m pretty positive I will document and post it all here.    

Enjoy & have an amazing day!

Peace, Love and Hairgrease 🙂
FYI: These pictures were taken by another parent at the meet for us. I appreciate her for doing that!

One thought on “Gymnastics anyone…

  1. Such beauty and grace.

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