Just another manic Monday

Things I’ve Learned


I can compile a list of 50-11 things I’ve learned but I will narrow it down to a list 10-15 things I’ve learned. Maybe I should narrow that down to the things I’ve learned in the last five years…

1. I am sarcastic & funny in a default kind of way. I’ve used both as my coping mechanism.

2. I’ve compared myself to Claire Huxtable & Carol Brady & feel I fall short. Those are the only two moms I’ve compared myself to, TV fiction be damned!!!!

3. I can be a major jerk sometimes.

4. I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader & a Hooters girl & secretly I still do. 

5. I’m more open minded then I thought I would ever be & I’m  enjoying the journey. 

6. I’m addicted to tattoos, red vines & coffee & I’m okay with that. 

7. I see dead people… Ok, more like I hear dead people & sometimes it freaks me out.

8. Organized Religion is not for me & it’s taken me a full year to be able to write that.

9. I don’t deal well with bullshit or people who can’t tell the truth to save their lives.

10. I want to speak out more about racial inequality, but I don’t feel like dealing with the ignorant comments that follow. Positive energy only

11. I really hate changing diapers and we have three in diapers right now.

12. I’m a black feminist & as such my blackness is not always included or seen when it comes to feminism. Because if I say something I am the angry black woman. Dammit, who the fuck cares if I’m angry. I have every right to be just that… Angry! It shouldn’t change the conversation or how you interact with me.

13. I’m learning to embrace my natural beauty and encourage all of my children to do the same. It’s ok to be you 100%

14. I like to curse… Who the fuck I’m kidding tho, my ass is lying. I’m just trying to keep my black card. 

15. And last but not least… It is a daily struggle for me to learn, see and feel the difference between facts and my story attached to those facts. #meditatingmomma 


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