Just another manic Monday

Happy Mother’s Day…


I couldn’t let this day pass without posting something. The week before I had all of the time in the world to write and then schedule the posts to publish each day of that week. It was PERFECT! I’m so doing that again, LOL!

Mi Familia

Ike, Myself and D-boy

Anyways, this day comes every year and every year it means something different to me. Let me explain… When I was in elementary school, Mother’s Day meant something. I had my granny around, life wasn’t great but it was bearable most times and I was able to celebrate the one who was raising me. Not consistently in her presence, but at least a phone call away. We moved around a LOT when I was growing up. When I became a middle school child, Mother’s Day was something different. I hated celebrating it, why celebrate someone who doesn’t even want you to begin with. But I grinned and did my half-ass part, I which I never want my own children to do.

Mi Familia

D-boy, Mini Mouse and Miss Marie

When I was in High school, depending on the year Mother’s Day was an in-between. Ninth grade year… I hated everything about it, my granny passed in November of my 9th grade year. Just two short days after my birthday… That was heavy, that was a lot, that almost broke me. I knew my life was over when she passed and the one person I had in my corner was gone. But lucky me, I had a fill in. Someone who loved me as much as she loved her own children. It amazed me that someone could love me so much and treat me like her own, she was right on time. She came in during my 10th and 11th grade times in school. In my Senior year, I had another fill in mother. I am sad to say that she passed away last year. She took me in when no one else would. Though it was short lived and I was scared and angry, she did what I had hoped I never had to deal with. I hope she knew how much I appreciated her kindness and open heart for taking me in. Again, it wasn’t all peaches and cream, but it sustained me enough to make it through my senior year of high school.

Mi Familia

Ike, D-boy, Mini Mouse and myself

The day I graduated from High School was my lowest point, I”m sure Ive had lower, but this one felt like rock bottom. I ended up on the streets, it wasn’t crazy. I mean I “lived” in Brooklyn Park, MN. It was the suburbs, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t scary trying to find myself somewhere to sleep. Basically I slept in a park that night, and I cried, and screamed and fought thoughts on killing myself. So by Mother’s Day… well… FUCK MOTHER’S DAY!


My Godmom, Godsisters, baby sister, niece and my BIL

I was lucky to have a friend who took me in at the crack of dawn and her mother allowed me to stay with them. Another amazing fill in mother. She wasn’t easy on me, made me work and contribute to the house. And I did it without hesitation or questions, I knew that at any moment she could change her mind and I would again be on the streets. And I didn’t want that, so I walked the line. Actually tip toed that line. I didn’t want her angry or mad at me. I needn’t worry about it because I was able to stay with them for over 2 years, I was family and I still am. I was able to see Mother’s Day differently over those 2 years, and I enjoyed celebrating a mother that was so great.

Mis Amores

Godmom, godsisters, baby sister and D-boy

I’m not saying that I didn’t miss those that were gone, I just found a new way to celebrate this Holiday. So that I could be happy in some way and that I could help to bring happiness to those that helped me out when I needed it most.

My Godmom… The best Fill in a girl could ask for!

My Godmom and my children’s Godmom! So much love and admiration I have for them both.

My baby sister and i grew up together and we were each other’s backbone and support. Through all of the things we went through I knew I needed to be strong for her. In some ways I became a mother to her, at some point along the rode… My relationship with her became a mother and not a sister. I took on that role and loved every minute of it. I would never change any of it. It has helped me to be the person that I am and I hope in some way has helped her as well. That’s her story, one I can’t tell for her. But what I can say is… OMG! I hated all of those teenage years, LMAO! I love her and everything we went through, but I SWEATAGAWD I wanted to beat that child!!!!!!!! LOL! She annoyed me because she is so incredibly smart and continuously got into trouble, mainly her mouth got her in trouble. She doesn’t have a filter, I typically don’t either. But mines has been dimmed because I have little people following my example. So now I tend to be crazy sarcastic. For me Mother’s Day changed when I got my first card from my sister, it warmed my heart that I was able to be that fill in for her. Because I knew what it was like to miss out, I wanted to make sure she had what I had experienced from my own fill ins.

My first baby, my baby sister!


Miss Marie, Mini Mouse and BK


Because I love this little girl as if she were my own, my niece BK

She didn’t go about things the way I had hoped she would, but I figured out with the help of another fill in. That no child does, not even the ones you birth yourself. So I had to let go and let her learn the way she wanted to go. My heart swells with love and pride, and it grew even more when she had her first baby. I could move from mother figure, back to proud sister. The transition wasn’t easy, shit it was downright hard! But, being a big sister again is just as, if not more rewarding then being a mother to my sister. I LOVE being the Best Auntie in the world to my beautiful niece, I would give her the world and more. She is my baby and she always will be. The connection I have with my sister and my niece is strong, and the connection my own children have with her is just as strong. It’s so hard to explain, but yet here I am trying. My baby sister is now a fill in for one of our Godbrothers daughters. And I couldn’t be more proud. Our niece thinks of her as her mommy, loves her just as much and cries if anyone says they are coming to take her. She was without a mommy and my sister stepped in, I LOVE every part of that!


My First Babies… D-boy and P

Our family has also become fill ins, we are a “foster” family. But lets be honest, when these children come into our home they are our children, they are our children’s babies, they are big brothers and sisters. We get to fill in for mom and dad while their mom and dad is trying to figure out the journey they are currently on. Some knowingly and others thrust into the situation. It doesn’t matter which one they are we are rooting for them from day one. I can’t imagine having my children ripped from my arms and placed in a home where people can judge me before I can give them the details. So we try with all of our mite to keep an open mind and an open heart. Of course, we want to adopt one, two or three little ones. But we also want them to be able to  be reunited with their birth family. I know, it’s virtually impossible to have it both ways.


D-boy, Mini Mouse, Miss Marie, BK and Doll… This would be my birth mother.

So as I sit her surround by our 6 kiddos, I am also heartbroken for the mommy that is missing her twins first Mother’s Day and in less then a week their First Birthday. I am heartbroken for all of the firsts she has missed, and I pray she is able to find peace today. That even though she isn’t with her babies, that she can feel them and their love. So today I say Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Fill ins, Stand Ins, Stand ups, and Stand outs. I am grateful for all that you have done, for all you are doing and for all you will do.


My partner in crime! I love him and he loves me.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Now on to funtimes with this crazy, loud and silly family of mines 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day…

  1. So much love I have for you and your beautiful way of explaining the unexplainable. You not only take beautiful pictures…you write them. In less than one year you found the key to being the foster parent with the right heart. You crawled inside the heart of a mother or father who had to live without their most precious possession/s. A belated very, very happy Mother’s Day to you and Ike and to all the kids for helping fill in on Mother’s Day and everyday. Thank you for doing your part and then some!

  2. Love

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