Just another manic Monday

The Results…


So our little gymnast went to state last weekend back in November 2014! We had tons of fun the night before. Drove up to Denton to stay overnight in a hotel with a swimming pool. Got to eat dinner at a restaurant. And then got up super early to get to the Texas Women’s College for an 8am stretch time.

We get out of the car a the College and little Marie decides she wants to limp… Insert my crazy facial expression and my comment of, “Ummmm, sweetie… Get it together we are at state. Your knee can’t be hurting that bad.” Yeah, I had a low mommy moment. But COME ON DUDE! Farreal?! Everything we, YES we, have worked for and you choose today to have a knee injury. Lol! Judge me if you want, she isn’t the only one who has worked for this state meet! I spent just as many hours at that gym as she did, HA! Granted I just didn’t work out as much as she did… Let me stop lying, my ass didn’t work out at all. I just sat and watched her workout and talk about why I should be working out. LOL!


Her bars score was 8.650, balance beam was 6.90, vault was 9.075 and her floor routine was 7.6IMG_8990.JPG


All in all it was a great experience. We had fun, she had fun (though she was a little disappointed with herself) it was well worth the trip and family time!IMG_8985

Her knee injury/pain really did hinder her during the competition. She fell getting on and off of the beam. She didn’t push enough on her back handspring so she fell on the second one and for some reason she fell on her mill circle. I think the one that frustrated her the most was the beam. Vault she did great as usual 🙂

Overall, we survived the season and are somewhat looking forward to the next season. We DID cut back on hours spent at the gym by half, so instead of 12 hours she is only there 6 hours. Gives her a chance to be a child still. And less time I am at the gym. We also switched gyms, mainly because of the hours but there were a few other issues. None of which are that important.


Peace Out!

2 thoughts on “The Results…

  1. I was so proud of her when I saw that she had gone and I truly understand the time and energy that go into supporting a child athlete. I am always amazed at how much of yourself you give to your children.

    • Thank you we too are very proud of her, what a once in a 2nd grade lifetime 🙂 My philosophy is if I’m going to do it, I might as well give it 110% or nothing at all.

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