Just another manic Monday

Being an Adult…

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Wow! I feel like I haven’t had a free moment. But then I realize I have, I’ve just been using it in different ways. Lol!

Anyways, sooo I’ve got this new habit. One I’m laughing about daily because I used to laugh hysterically at others who are like me… Now…

It’s called coffee… I guess I can Thank Starbucks and their buy one get one free holiday drinks back in November, or was it December. Whenever it was it doesn’t really matter because now I’m hooked.

Here I am sharing a drink with my mini. It didn’t help that in early December we had 3 littles placed in our home. At the time they were about 6 months (twins) and 17 month older brother. They woke up in the middle of the night. Our older ones had crazy schedules and we had The Nutcracker performance coming up. Which meant for long nights in downtown Austin for two weeks.

As December moved along, I had more and more long nights and early mornings. My way to cope with such craziness was… Coffee… So Starbucks became an addiction. An expensive one at that. But I like to think that I figured it out mostly. 

I have friends that live me enough to buy me one when they are headed there. I do the same for them as well. I’ve won one, I’ve gotten one because… I can’t remember, lol! 

My other obsession I would like to get into but really can’t is wine. Lol! I can have about 2 sips and I’m ready to sleep for the rest of the night. Guess I will stick with wine tastings with the girls. 

But know, I no longer laugh. I love the idea of fresh brewed coffee. I’ll even spend $5 for a cup of it from Starbucks. And no I wasn’t paid by starbucks. Though I’m sure I could make tons of money if they did. Ha!!!

Peace, Love and Hairgrease!



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