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There is a community for that…

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So I’ve never talked about it on here, or maybe I glossed over it. Whatever the case, I will do a brief post about it today when I have a quick moment…

There is a community for families of children with food allergies and it is online. This community is so very helpful, and I fell in love the first moment I ran across it. Almost 7 years later and I still love this online community. I’ve never met one person in this community, I’ve only dealt with them through my keys on my keyboard. But it’s like they are there giving me hugs when I need it most. Especially after Miss Marie has had a reaction to something she has eaten, drank or touched.

Anyways, here is a small snippet of some things that make this community great:

So, we’re a week shy of L’s first anniversary of his ana reaction/discovery of his egg allergy and we’ve had two reactions within 24 hours. On Sunday I gave L a snack bar that only has apples and blueberries in it while we were shopping. I didn’t check the label and after he ate it we noticed hives on his face. My husband grabbed the label and it was “processed in a facility with eggs”. We gave benadryl* and drove home in a panic. Within an hour he was fussy and had diarrhea. We watched him and he seemed fine so we sort of convinced ourselves he was okay.

Well, Monday morning he seemed normal aside from a few stray hives… I gave him a cracker that he ate and then he asked for a second one. I gave him another but this time he took a bite of it and then promptly spit it out and threw the cracker down before running from it. I went over to him to see what was wrong and noticed new hives on his face. I googled the ingredients of the crackers and in bold letters I saw the word “EGG”. I panicked and told my co-worker who grabbed the benadryl and epi pens out of his diaper bag. I gave him the benadryl* and called my husband who was at work. While we were on the phone Lucas started coughing so I threw the phone down and gave him the epi while my co-worker called 911.

He is fine, thankfully, but I never want to experience this again. I have so much guilt over both reactions because they happened due to me not being careful. This was our first time using the epi and I know that we probably should have used it on Sunday but I guess you never realize how scary and panicky you get until you’re in that position.

Here is a response from someone in this amazing community:

I think it’s pretty normal to feel emotion when your child is experiencing ANA. My adrenaline always kicks in when we’re in that figuring out mode on whether we need to give it.  I try to remain calm on the outside though to help treat my son calm and to deal with the Emts, etc. The important thing to remember is that you pulled it together and administered epi when needed and that’s a great job.

I’m glad he’s feeling ok and that work was uneventful.  Hang in there. Your feelings and emotions just need some time to settle down. You’ll get there. One day at a time and when that’s too much, one hour at a time.

Here is another response:

It’s normal to be anxious about food after a reaction.  It might help to stick to whole foods and only well trusted brands for now.  It’s reasonable to pull back your comfort zone til you can resort things.  One thing that might be a monkey wrench in this that you are newly avoiding gluten.  That’s probably shaking up your usual brands.

 I’m glad you had a good talk w/ the doc.  Prep is key to staving off that panic feeling in an emergency. 

Mom’s response to a few posters:

I’m doing okay. I’m having a lot of anxiety about feeding him right now and I still feeling guilty about it.  We went back to work this morning and thankfully no one had a snack that he is allergic to but it still worried me that something might be unmarked. 

Because I understand exactly what this momma is feeling, it is always nice to have someone who has been in your position to help you figure out the emotions and feelings afterwards. This community is a life saver to so many families, and I’m glad I found it when I did. Now if only I can find this same community in real life where I live…


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! It really gives one an appreciation for the tremendous burden of responsibility that parents of children with life-threatening allergies shoulder. It even gives me a little insight into the struggles that I had with my preschooler years ago when she would have terrible temper tantrums, nightmares, and failure to thrive issues related to food sensitivities. She is now 25 and has just begun to eat gluten free. I will share this website with others who are trying to cope with being parents of children who need to be “kept safe” but who want life to be as normal as possible.

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