Just another manic Monday

It’s already happened… Le sigh.

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Disclaimer: This was originally written back in February, not sure why I never hit publish…

So we are in March, as a matter of fact we are almost out of March headed into April and I am so over school.

Not my school, because let’s be real, I’m not going back anytime soon… maybe…another topic for another day, how about that?!

When I say I am over school, I mean I am over my children being in school. I am over making lunches every morning, I am over getting up early to wake them up, I am over getting them to school on time, I am over picking out clothes for the week, I am over one kiddo having school and the other two not, I am over snow/ice/cold make-up days, and I am especially over homework. Actually I was over homework the first day it came home, no lies on that front. I look forward to and count down the days until the next day/weekend/weeks or summer off. Yes, I am going to raise my hand and say that I’m THAT mom. The mom that loves her children at home, even if they are annoying her. You know why…?! BECAUSE we don’t have a schedule.

No need to set an alarm, we can roll out of bed when we please. No need to have lunch pre made, because my kiddos can do it when it’s lunch time, and homework… yeah, unless it’s due the next day, no homework is done. We spend majority of our day in our pajamas, the rest of the time in clothes from a previous day. YEAP! When school is cancelled, my kiddos wear their clothes from the day before. Mainly because… we aren’t going anywhere, and if we do get dressed we are only out for a max of 4 hours. And let’s be honest, a clean outfit DOES NOT need to be messed up for only 4 hours. No, not at all. I’m not even ashamed to say that out loud, actually let me say it one more time to make sure you seen it right… We wear clothes more than once in our house, even if they haven’t been cleaned yet. When school is out the kiddos spend the day playing board games, reading books, drawing, coloring, watching endless amounts of Netflix,  playing endless amounts of games on technology, playing outside with their friends, and it all works out. Everyone lives to see another day, no one gets hung by their toes, and everyone is relatively happy by bedtime.

I am over volunteering at school, for everything. Because lets be honest, I’m nosey and want to know whats happening in my child’s classroom. Plus, ahem, that’s why I’m a stay at home mommy. So I can be there when needed and when not needed. I’m over being the over protective hover parent, I’m over being on the PTA board, I’m over coming up with ideas for the teacher for christmas, valentine’s day, teacher’s appreciation week and end of the school year. I’m over baking several dozen cookies. I’m also over school parties, because again… Why we gotta have food in e’ry school function? I’m sure one will not die if food is not offered at a school party, well at least I’m pretty positive.

The beginning of the school year is awesome, I have so many ideas of what I’m going to do, how the year is going to play out and what I will do to help the kiddos get through. And well, the first real break happens and I realize why I half want to homeschool. Feel free to re-read that last sentence again, because I said, “and I realize why I half want to homeschool.” Because, ummm, yeah. NAWL! I’m good. I just wanna play and have fun all day, screw that learning to do math shid. I’m good, I mean really unless you are in a profession that requires extreme amounts of math. Learning the basics like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication is about all thats needed to navigate this crazy world. You can pretty much hire someone out to do all of the difficult stuff. I prefer natural learning, like going to a historical location and learning about it there, learning how to count money when going to the store to buy something with your own money. Learning how to solve problems with real problems to solve in the world. I am not going to say it’s all cherry cheesecake, because it just isn’t. I have 3 kiddos, two close in age where they love each other one minute and hate each other seconds later. Then you toss the older one in the house and, well, fights, yelling matches and threats are heard from the mouths of my babes! But I hear that’s normal, and if it’s not normal, then you don’t have a normal household and I do so THERE!

I know that first day of school, parents are rejoicing with their glass of wine. Because their child is off to harass the teacher. I’m sure some teachers end their day with a glass of wine. Me on the other hand, seriously can do without the first day stuff. Actually if we can just skip straight into week 2 when routines are down, drop-off and pick-up are smooth, etc and I’ll be all happy. Sometimes I want to sit at the school the whole first day of school to see how it goes, but then I realize as the teacher is giving me the stink eye because I’m screwing with their schedule and routines that I have officially crossed all types of boundaries and it’s time I walk out the class and let Miss Marie learn to do it on her own. Then the teacher gives me her phone number and I forget we ain’t friends and I’m all like, “Hey, hows it going today!” Or, I’m texting her all like, “Yeah we woke up late today, we on our way tho!” And after I hit send, I realize I have again crossed all types of boundaries and I ain’t her friend, she just gave me the number so that she can text me for emergencies. SMH, I need to realize quicker when I have crossed boundaries and so yeah, I’m over school. Because I’m tired of trying to stay on the teachers good side. Ok I’m lying, I like being the suck up because who doesn’t. It’s in the best interest of my children that they mommy is a suck-up, haven’t you learned any of that yet? NOW, I am not the parent that will gonna spend $100 of dollars on the teacher, mainly because Ike sets the budget on that and it tends to be real low like. And that is when I become all creative like, and pinterest becomes my best friend and then I’m on pinterest all afternoon and things haven’t been done and children are hungry and then I don’t like school anymore.

DSC_9994Miss Marie’s teacher reading a book to the class


Field Day at Miss Marie’s school… I took 500 pictures, all of which I am giving to Coach W. Majority of those photos will never see light of day on this website, mainly because of other children. But believe me they are awesome 🙂



Purl Pumas


D-boy and Mini Mouse both received straight “A’s” this last grade period


St. Patty’s Day lunch… Yummy, colorful and healthy!


Afterschool snack for Miss Marie


Homework and laundry, two things I dislike with a passion


I have to insert a Texas skyline photo, just so you can enjoy the beauty that is too!


So, yeah I am so over school! I am patiently waiting for the last day of school to happen and then I will rejoice with all teachers… Thank You Jesus, school is out for the summer 🙂

Now I’m off to finish the teachers end-of-year book put together by me with things the children have said and done… Over achiever over here.

Love ya, Iiona



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