Just another manic Monday


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It is only 3:30pm and it has already been a crazy long day. The girls had soccer this morning, back-to-back games. Miss Marie at 9:30am and Mini Mouse at 10:30am. Miss Marie is a great athlete, she can sprint when needed and will get into the thick of anything. She had an assist to a goal, no goals this time. Everyone seems to think she is a powerhouse on the field. We just laugh and say she is having a great time, getting out pent up energy and doing something other than gymnastics. Mini Mouse did well as well, she is awesome at being a forward. Goalie or defender, not so much. The only thing we run into with her being a forward is she is still learning how to manage her asthma and breathing. So her and all of her long legs will be ahead of the rest, but she tires out really quickly. I love watching her play, especially when she is on the field with two of her other teammates, those three truly do dominate the field.

Anyways, what has made it long so far is 1. Our soon to be teenager, D-boy. He is pushing all types of buttons with all of his attitude and rudeness. I literally have to stay away from him because I feel like I want to spank his butt, but I can’t because it is normal “teenager” behavior. He hasn’t crossed any disrespectful lines, because that would just land him on punishment forever, as in until he was 18… Ok, maybe not 18 but sometimes… It is just draining sometimes, no a lot of the times. The girls are still so simple and easy. It is just draining always talking to or telling or giving direction to a child that KNOWS all of our rules, guidelines and stuff. It’s not all his fault, we have slacked some. But does he really need to see that and run for it. Sometimes I like to just rest, not always being “on” 24/7/365. That is the main reason why he will never be homeschooled. I love him too much to put me through that, LOL!


Number 2 is the bio… As I’ve said before, she is a long story. One I am still not ready to chat about. I respect her as the woman who carried me and birthed me, but anything past that is not there. If I never seen or heard from her again, it wouldn’t change my life one way or another. BUT, BUT… she has 3 grandchildren who know her and love her and want to talk to or see her more often then I want them to. So that leaves me in the position I am in. Playing nice even though I would much rather give her the truth and keep it moving. Which is sort of what happened this morning. The way it went down, wasn’t great. But it is what it is… She text asking for money to help with her move. The first thing that ticked me off was the text, you couldn’t even pick up the phone to ask? We’ve talked to you maybe 4 times since August when we spent 10 days with you, you don’t have to call me but your grandchildren. At least fiend interest in them a little, sometimes, maybe a little… Maybe I’m asking too much? So that was my other irritation. We’ve passed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day… and we didn’t get one call from you. Now you are trying to move and you want us to help.

How about not, how about that? How about you are almost 60 years old and house hopping? How about you are almost 60 years old and ONLY take care of one and known you were going to move almost 2-3 months ago? How about you knew it was going to cost money and you saved for it? How about you ask the people you are moving closer to give you a hand? How about you ask the parents of the children whom you claim as your grandchildren to get you that money? How about you ask the people you talk to on a daily basis for tha money and not the people who you don’t talk to ever? How about you ask the children who you want to build a relationship with, instead of asking the ones whom you don’t love or like? How about I’m all in my feelings and I don’t care how you get from point A to point B because you didn’t care how I would make it to those points when I needed you? How about you go ask your…. Neva mind, I’m going to leave that How about in my mind alone. Basically, I’m not here for any of that now or ever. I was already on my last nerve and she just pushed me over it. Now that I’m over, I needed to talk about it to get me back…

Number 3 is my nephew and his family. How they women are pretty much giving him the idea that he isn’t wrong for his actions. They are condoning his actions and making it seem like he did no wrong. I’m sorry, he is almost 13… he knows right from wrong. Yes, I will be the first to admit he has had a traumatic upbringing. One that could have been changed, had his parents not been so dayum selfish. But that is not the past, it is what it is and that is the hand he was dealt. At the end of the day, he knows right from wrong. And what he did was wrong and he knew it as soon as he did it and when he got busted. What 12 year old says they plead the 5th when asked did they do what was asked? UGH! My heart is heavy because all I see is my sweet nephew some years ago and what he has grown into now. I wished and prayed that his life would be adjusted and different… Guess not everyone gets their wishes/prayers answered huh?! I’m not going to get into that, that is a bone of contentions I have and always will have. What type of God would allow…

Anyways, we are about to go do an egg hunt with some family friends, have some pizza, pie and cookies and call it a night. I’m looking forward to getting my mind off of this nonsense. It has been weighing heavily on my mind and no matter how I try to move past, through or around it. It just sits there, like a heavy weight. Pressing down on my shoulders, giving me repeat headaches, stressing me out and just pissing me off all over again. So we are going to go and pig out and touch briefly on what the “true” meaning is behind the holiday, and then go all commercial on it with 132 eggs filled with candy. And yes, I did say 132 eggs for 5 children. I was aiming for 150 eggs, but I was told to stop adding more eggs and live happily with the 132. So I am doing what I was told/asked so nicely.

I will add pictures as the night wears on, I haven’t uploaded any from my DSLR. So those will be later tonight. But iPhone camera photos will be posted as the night goes on…

Peace, Love and Hairgrease… Happy Hunting 🙂















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