Just another manic Monday

He says/She says

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So I think I will do a small section on different conversations we have in this fun house of ours. Between my husband and I and my children and I. Sometimes it can get rather comical around these here parts 🙂

For your enjoyment, the first one below is from a conversation I had with Ike on Sunday night. Our 7 year anniversary is coming up in about a week and we’ve pretty much stopped buying each other gifts and buy the house gifts. I should say that we’ve stopped buying each other gifts since we have moved to Texas. Mainly because we were/are saving for our new home purchase that happened June of 2013, and because we are now in that new house we have to decorate it. Anyways, we are different and we know it and love it!

He says/She says

ME: Hey babe, we’re not getting each other anything for our anniversary are we?

HIM: No, just something for the house.

ME: OH, I GOT IT! How about a vacuum cleaner, that would be so nice. You know a new vacuum cleaner?!

HIM: No, I mean something for our room specifically.

ME: Yeah, I know, a vacuum specifically for our room that we can use in other rooms too!

HIM: Ummmm, NO! 


Guess I’m not getting a new vacuum cleaner next weekend, but a girl can try! LOL

Have a great day everyone!

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