Just another manic Monday

The Struggle

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So I get into my head that I want to take a picture with the family. But not an average picture, it has to be outside at a park and everyone has to be kind of dressed similar but not matchy, matchy. So then I go into our closets and start piecing together outfits, finding texture, similar colors, similar themes, etc. Ha,ha! I know right, it’s silly because the picture process struggle is beyond funny. Take for instance the photos I’m about to post here in a minute… It just so happen to be the coldest day here in Georgetown. I mean real cold! No one wanted to go do the photos, but it was too late to say no because we were all dressed and ready to go. But before we headed out to the park we had to stop at the store because Ike needed a new sweater, I needed a puffer vest as well as Miss Marie. The kiddos all needed stylish and cute gloves and that was the beginning of the end. LOL! So this photo session lasted all of 15 minutes if that, but it felt like FOREVER! Anyways, enjoy 🙂

DSC_8630 DSC_8628 DSC_8627 DSC_8626 DSC_8625 DSC_8624 DSC_8622 DSC_8621 DSC_8620 DSC_8619 DSC_8618 DSC_8617 DSC_8616 DSC_8615 DSC_8614 DSC_8613 DSC_8612 DSC_8610I’m not sure if I’ve said this before but if you notice I don’t do much editing of my photos. I will crop, maybe lighten it if it’s too dark but that’s about it. The main reason I don’t edit my photos is because I’m not look for perfect, I’m looking for life. The second is Photo Shop is so time consuming and I don’t always have a ton of time to fiddle with that. Granted I keep reading that I should at least watermark my photos, which I am still trying to figure out a simple way to do that without having to import pictures to photo shop as well. I’m lazy when it comes to pictures and I want it to be simple and easy. Anyways, I love seeing the blemishes, scars, imperfections, etc. Because that’s life. My life isn’t perfect so why portray that in my photos. Occasionally if I plan on making it into a work of art I might add an overlay, but again that takes time so I might not!

Anyways, Love, Peace and Hair grease!



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