Just another manic Monday

Day Three of Rerouting.

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I was gonna post yesterday about day two, but I changed my mind at the last minute. It went great, I think the hardest part is when I’m hungry I typically just go in the kitchen and eat. And because I’m home all of the time it is easy to do that. So I’ve taken on a few projects around the house to help distract me.


One of those projects is the room upstairs that I am converting into my office/scrapbook/sewing/photography space. That’s a lot in that little room as well as keeping enough room for a bed for when we have guests come to visit. But I believe the way I will set the room up it should all flow smoothly.

photo-35I’ve been doing some painting lately and little DIY projects as well as scoring pinterest to help me find ideas to do in the room. As of now I have repainted a mini shelf that will go on the wall and hold pretty things. I just yesterday sanded, primed and painted (3 coats) an older dresser that we’ve had for a while. I can’t even remember where we got it from, but its one of those older dressers that actually are made of real wood and very sturdy. Anyways, the dresser is done and I’ve already filled the bottom three drawers with things. My kiddos things, actually going through their box made me realize just how behind I am at putting their stuff together by year. I was so good at it with D-boy and his first 4 years, then just slacked after that. But I think I have a system and so it should go quickly once I get started. At least with D-boy and Mini Mouse. Miss Marie will be a tad tricky and she is the youngest, go figure.

Anyways, praying your day is beautiful! Peace, Love and Hairgrease!



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