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Tell us about a time you bent to peer pressure.

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So this one time I bent to peer pressure… I will give you the shortened edited version, hahaha!

I was in high school, because all stories of peer pressure begin and end in high school, right? I spent almost 99% of my time with a friend of mines and her family. At the time the bio wasn’t around much and I had the choice of doing what I so felt like doing whenever I felt like doing it. Within reason of course. I had a younger sister who liked to hang out with me of course so I had to play it cool as well. Ok, so to be honest I am in tears laughing so hard because this is also the funniest story. My friend  was dating this guy who thought he was a mini gangsta, but all he really was was a rich kid with no parental supervision and money to do what he wanted. Anyways, we got it in our heads that we wanted to try smoking weed………. hahahahahahahaha! It’s not funny but OMG it is hysterical. Mind you neither one of us had ever smoked weed before, had NO idea what we were doing. Good LAWD we was idiots! Back to this story. Her boyfriend brings us this huge bag of weed, some papers and some black and milds and said, “Have fun girls!” and left. So following the advice of a family member who was staying with us, we went up to my room, closed the door, darkened all of the curtains and put a towel under the door so nothing would escape (stupid, stupid mistake). And we commenced to sharing between 3 of us 2 joints and 2 black and milds.

The whole experience was fine, we smoked, we talked, we philosophized and we enjoyed each others company. Because my friend and I were so new to the experience, we choked and coughed A LOT! But we just giggled it off. Once we had finished smoking we (my friend and I) laid back on the floor and just talked life. No seriously, we talked about the meaning of life, how life came to be, how it would end, what we would do to help others. We became mini Philosophers during our high. My sister was home but didn’t know what we were doing until she came upstairs and opened the door, she of course thought it was hy-larious. Anyways, at some point I believe she received a contact high, or she took a puff of the joint. My brain is fuzzy on that situation. It reminds me of the scene from the movie Friday where Craig smokes his first joint because he was pressured to do it by Smoky. Feel free to go watch the scene, it’s filled with tons of bad language and horrible references, but so close to reality of what happened that night. .


So back to this night of giving into peer pressure. At some point during the night someone came over to the house and started knocking on the door, well more like banging (at least that’s what my brain tells me). I just fuzzily remember thinking the PoPo was coming to take us to jail for smoking weed in our house. That someone was trying to break in, even though they were calling our names repeatedly, being out of my mind and things just being fuzzy the rest of the night and parts of the next week, being hunched over the toilet dry heaving and laying on the floor to cool off, as well as a dry humping session with Rico (that I try to keep out of my mind, but it keeps popping back up).

The worst part about this whole experience was the next day she was leaving for Orlando, FL with the orchestra for like a week and I had to be at school. She was sick majority of her trip and I was sick majority of the week. I swear we were both high for a week, I kid you not. To this day I believe the weed we were given was laced with something else. I also have never picked up another bag of weed, joint, black and mild or anything to do with weed since that day back in 1997. It was more than my system could handle and more than I could handle and I am fine with that. I still chuckle about that experience to this day because sometimes I even wonder if it really happened. Whatever the case I’m really happy that was my first experience, in my own home, with people I knew and trusted and though the side effects lasted longer than I think they should have I still made it out with minimal damage and also learned that I am not for altered states of mind.

So, there you have it one of my most memorable and funny first times bending to peer pressure…

NaBloPoMo January 2014

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