Just another manic Monday

Unplanned Roadtrip 2.0


So here are more iPhone photos from our unplanned trip back home. We had a great time, it was nice to see family and friends. I know more people wanted to see us like we wanted to see more people, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. And the flow was family and we enjoyed it as well as the children. So much happened and it was great, the good, the bad and the ugly! Haha!

We got to spend countless nights sleeping by the fireplace, though I’m sure who we stayed with didn’t think it funny or cool. We all took it in stride and to be honest, I think it was hotter and more personal to be contained in one place. The good in the bad, right. We spent more time together, more great conversations, more bonds were forged and overall we truly loved it.

I got to celebrate my birthday at home. It was all so great! I look forward to turning a year older, I am actually looking forward to the day I can say I’m 50 years old. Now please remind me of this post when I do turn 50 and I grumble about it, ok?! haha. But what made this birthday so different then any other is nothing but the company I kept. I love small and intimate, I love being with people, I love connecting on a deeper level, I love the small things. I rarely celebrated my birthday growing up, let alone had someone acknowledge that it was my birthday (you know that whole, it’s Thanksgiving too deal, and the fact that my bio could care less). Anyways, I made it another year. I survived my year, I get to start over and make this year even better than last. Birthdays are awesome for that.

We then went to Milwaukee and spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws. That is always an experience. One that I might later give more detail to, but for now I will just say. It came and it went and all was well. No one died, no one got their feelings hurt and the food was good! So I call that a success… Anyways, enjoy the pictures below. More to follow soon 🙂


A good fire will help get rid of the cold


The process from the South to the North… Ice and snow


Sleeping by the fireplace


Caught him slipping, LOL!


The Capitol… Love this View


Silliness with Miss Marie




That’s my “Fareal” look


Meanwhile in Wisconsin…


Just hanging out


I understand this right here… complete exhaustion.


SS with the girlpies… They LOVE her so much




Texan transplants tryna get dressed for cold weather


WI, Cows and the mall


Doesn’t help that both of her jackets were broke


B-rock and Mini Mouse making cupcakes


The girls babies were ready as well


Yes! I had multiple helpings of peach cobbler and pumpkin pie… nothing like homemade


D and his older Cousin, they had a blast


The only picture I got of my and the other half on Thanksgiving


Saying Bye to Grandma R


Auntie Sue is the best

2 thoughts on “Unplanned Roadtrip 2.0

  1. Yea for your date night! Thank you for sharing and for staying in touch. I love you!

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