Just another manic Monday

Do I have a tendency to procrastinate…


Do you have a tendency to procrastinate, or do you like checking things off your to-do list?


I am some of both, I am also OCD and ADD. So I am just a mess in a small package. So there are times that I have a list or 10 and will start checking them all off. Then I will get distracted by something else and will leave the lists and start to do something else. But then I get upset because my lists aren’t done and then I just put it all off because I don’t want to do anything halfway.  For instance, I did a Holiday binder this year (best thing since sliced bread, LOL) and I was trucking along on my lists that I needed to fill out and complete and life got in the way. I had to put on pause that list because we had to travel home. It was fine, because that happens, but because I have OCD I still brought along my lists to do while away from home EVEN though I wouldn’t be able to check any of them off because we weren’t anywhere near home. Eventually I just moved on to the next list and trashed the first one, but I still obsess about the first list because I really wanted to complete it and wasn’t able to. Oh well, the story of my life. There are also parts of my life where I barely even move a muscle to do anything but it doesn’t bother me there. I guess as i said I love checking off things on my to-do list, makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. But i also have no problem procrastinating. I guess it just depends on the mood I’m in or the amount of energy I have to get the lists completed.  So in short, Yes and Yes…

NaBloPoMo January 2014

2 thoughts on “Do I have a tendency to procrastinate…

  1. (: I’m hearing ya!!

  2. HaHa! So glad someone else is the same way as I am 🙂

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