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What am I currently feeling pressure to do…

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What am I currently feeling pressure to do that I don’t particularly enjoy?

Short answer, I am feeling pressured to look into a Graduate school/program to start and complete my Master’s Degree in Social Work. The only person who is pressuring me to complete this is myself, and the only reason I feel pressure to complete it is because I said that I would and because I really want to be a counselor to youth and I can’t do that with a Bachelor’s Degree alone. Which means I need more schooling, it however, doesn’t mean I will get more money… So I feel completely torn because we are going to go into some serious debt for this masters’ program and be paying back the loans for the next 100 years, LOL! It might not be exactly 100 years but it is close enough…

So far I have found a few colleges I would be interested in attending, but they are all out of my current little bubble of an area. meaning I would need to drive at least 2-4 hours to make it to the school and that alone is something I am not willing to do. The other issue is I just really don’t want to write any more papers, be in any more group projects, have crazy class schedules and do crazy hours for internships. Yeah my body and brain are protesting me returning to school. And I’m afraid I will eventually give in… I just can’t give in, so I just keep moving, just keep moving. Because I can do it and I know I can. So pray for me y’all, cause I’m going to need it!


NaBloPoMo January 2014


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