Just another manic Monday

Do I work well under pressure?

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Here is my long answer to that short question…

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I am a huge procrastinator, I actually have a problem with procrastination and I have considered checking myself into Procrastinators AA. Mostly this is something that has to do with things I really would rather not do, like… writing papers, dealing with stressful family situations, fixing a tough problem, reading crazy boring textbooks, applying to Grad school. You know all of the stuff that you didn’t like doing as a child and as an adult it doesn’t get any easier. Not only does it not get easier, now I have children following my example. GREAT! Way to toss in MORE stressful things to think about. But I also have to add that those times that I have procrastinated until the last minute, those papers have been my BEST work yet. I mean really, I have gotten nothing but A’s from those papers. Go figure, so all of my “handwork” paid off, hahahaha! Really all of my playing around with ideas, coming up with an idea and then putting off doing anything about it until the last minute has worked out great for me, but at some point. I’m going to have to grow up and realize that I can’t do that.

I guess I can say that most of my issues come because of my upbringing. I would plan something (ask for it basically) and then no matter how far in advance I would do it SOMETHING would always come up and I couldn’t do whatever it was I had wanted to do. So I just stopped planning and started living in the moment and becoming more stressed out over it too. I can say that I have one thing going for me, and that is I KNOW I am a procrastinator so that helps… maybe…

I can have energy for days and as soon as I sit down to do something that needs to get done (like find a Grad school) I get distracted and find myself 4 hours later no closer than what I was before I sat down. I tend to kick up my heels and get into relaxation mode and then surf the net for hours on end, and to be honest half the time I can hardly remember what I just did for those few hours. But mainly that’s ok, other times not so much. I don’t do this often (put up my feet and have a drink) but I’m not shy or ashamed when I do. Because lets face everyone needs to be able to sit back and relax and unwind.

So long answer, I can work well under pressure. Short answer, I would prefer not to work under pressure it makes life so much easier…

NaBloPoMo January 2014

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