Just another manic Monday

Eddy Virgin-Lewis

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Here is a quick rundown of what Eddy did this Christmas season. I intended on posting a pic once a day, but then decided against it because I forgot to move him sometimes too…


IMG_1131 IMG_1143 IMG_1163 IMG_1180 IMG_1195 IMG_1200 IMG_1202 IMG_1214 IMG_1256 IMG_1262 IMG_1261 IMG_1405 IMG_1527 IMG_1408 IMG_1415 IMG_1294 IMG_1307 IMG_1319 IMG_1342 IMG_1404 IMG_1377 IMG_1416 IMG_1418 IMG_1419 IMG_1431 IMG_1454 IMG_1475 IMG_1464 IMG_1484 IMG_1507 IMG_1585 IMG_1635 IMG_1638


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