Just another manic Monday

Having a Moment…


Have you ever had one of those times where you thought you were having a moment, but it turns out to be more like an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year? Yeah me either, ha! Just kidding. I seriously thought I was just having a moment and that eventually that moment would move on and life would be all great again… Turns out I lied to myself… I’m having a couple of weeks, which I am positive will turn into a month. I mean after all it is November isn’t it?

Anyways, my head hurts, I’m having troubles sleeping… yet again and signs of something more to come. But I refuse to put it out there because that means I’m owning it, and I am not owning nothing right now except sleeplessness and a headache.

I am so looking forward to a year when November doesn’t send me into a months worth of moments, I mean really, I’m not even kidding! Maybe the issue is I haven’t dealt with the issues and so it keeps coming up every November. Or maybe I’m just thinking too much and it’s just a coincidence now.

This month of moments is draining and tiring. I’m praying I make it through in better spirits than I am in now. I pray that I just make it through period. This is the month where everyone starts talking about what they are Thankful for, and I am so thankful on so many levels. But thesis also the month (at least for me) when I just need a nice long distraction.

So I’m just going to put it out there… sorry if you get caught up in this moment I’m having. I will try my hardest to not let it effect my daily life, but no promises. And if I fall off the face of the earth, it’s cool, I will be back. Sometimes these moments require hibernation, a smoke and a drink. I’m going to go for hibernation vs the other things. Maybe I will stock up on some red vines to off set the smoking and the drinking urge that is taking over my brain right now…

So anyways, I’m going to go lay in the bed. Most likely wide awake but at least resting, and resting is a good thing as well…

Good Night all,



2 thoughts on “Having a Moment…

  1. Always love your direct style and blunt honesty…praying for you in November and always (:

    • I try Tamar, I try. I don’t like beating around the bush it takes too much energy in my opinion… Things have gotten a tad better, we actually (Ike and I) fell asleep on each other last night. All I remember is talking and then waking up with the alarm at 6am… too funny!

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