Just another manic Monday



I’m just going to put it out there… I am having the hardest time getting to sleep the last few nights. It is driving me bonkers because I am beyond exhausted. Here it is 12 midnight and I should be snoring and I am instead sitting here typing up a blog post…

I don’t know what to do right now, I’m delirious with exhaustion. How I feel is like the person who is so tired that you have surpassed that tiredness and is actually wired. I missed my sleep cut off about 12+ hours ago and I just can’t relax enough to sleep.

I grabbed about 30 minutes earlier. It was sitting in the van while waiting for Mini Mouse to be done with ballet class. Once I made it back to the house, there really wasn’t any time to go to sleep or relax much. It was time to figure out dinner, get the kiddos to complete their homework and also get them ready for bed.

The thing that I am running into now is that my brain is sluggish and not working properly. Its interesting because I can be in the middle of a conversation and my brain will just shut off and I will give this blank stare. It’s not like I try, so if you notice this just hit me and tell me to wake up. Because I am sleeping on my feet is what that whole thing is. Anyways I am having a hard time completing my own sentences. Well anyways I’m going to bed and hopefully I can fall fast asleep right away. And I think tomorrow I look for some melatonin to utilize for myself and check in with D-boys doctor to see if this is something I can have him try out.

Anyways, Thanks for hanging around. I’m really not sure if this makes any sense. I will check it out tomorrow to make sure it does, LOL!

Love and Light, Me

2 thoughts on “Really…

  1. So sorry you are struggling. I am familiar with much of this picture, and have to employ various strategies for myself in order to get deep sleep. The Melatonin may take care of it, if you can coordinate your deep sleep cycle with your “wakeup” times. It might be a good idea to get your Vitamin B12 and thyroid checked. If you could tell me what your blood type is, I could make a few more suggestions, especially if these symptoms aggravated after you started eating vegetarian. I, myself, have anxiety that can keep me awake in my sleep, and God is my drug for that. I ask Him to clear my head and put me out, and He usually does. I also rely a fair amount on back rubs from my husband, if my body is uncomfortable. If that’s not an option, you might consider some kind of home foot spa / massager to relax your body. If you are in “mom alert mode” due to your daughter’s allergies, you may have to address that from a number of different angles. Working shifts did that to me. My daughter used to have panic attacks from not being able to sleep, and she still struggles with insomnia 15 years later, but she has a few tricks which help. I will pray that you can find effective solutions to the problem, and please let me know if you want any more info, as I have lots of books, etc. Just keep moving forward. You are a strong woman, and have much life wisdom and experience. Unknown territory can be overwhelming, but it also drives us deeper in our personal relationship with God. I have a great prayer journal which focuses on Bible passages that help me to redirect my energy away from inefficient uses of my personal energy. In conjunction with the homeopathic therapy that I receive, I am encouraged. I love you, and will pray for you.

    • Tamar you are awesome! Thanks so much for all if the info and suggestions. I’ve had a lot of various things happen since going semi-vegetarian, and I think once I talk with a nutritionist maybe a good portion of them will disappear. One of those things being nasty headaches, ugh!

      Normally when I’m having a hard time sleeping I will force myself to go to bed anyways and just lay there relaxing. But lately that hasn’t worked and so I’ve resorted to writing blog posts. Mainly because I feel there is something I’m supposed to be working on or through and with writing I figure eventually it will come out. I pray as well, not nearly as much as I should but I do it. And I’ve gotten into a bad habit of watching television sometimes during those sleepless nights, which I’ve been told (and know) isn’t the best choice.

      I think I truly need to adjust my late night habits and then maybe the sleeplessness will go as well. I really do appreciate you praying for me, let’s me know there are others out there that support and are for me as much as I do them.

      Some point we need to catch up by email, letter or phone call! Pray all in the neighborhood is going great, I really miss you guys tons 🙂

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