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If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?

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Thursday, November 7, 2013
If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?

So here is the first prompt. My name is unusual, it is not a normal name. It certainly is an ethnic sounding name but not necessarily an African American sounding name. My Aunt K named me after one of her native american friends, at least this is the story I remember being told while growing up. It is highly possible that it isn’t true, I still have yet to ask her where the name came from. But I have since grown into it. I can’t think of another name I would be cool with having if I had the choice to change it. When I was growing up I absolutely disposed my name, especially my last name.

But now I love being able to say people wished they were a part of my family! I kept my last name after getting married to the love of my life, not everyone understands why. But he does and THAT is all that matters. I enjoy saying I’m a virgin with 3 kiddos. I have also toyed with the idea of getting a doctorate JUST so people HAVE to call Dr. Virgin, because I mean why else would I rack up over $100,000 dollars in school debt and years of schooling.

Anyways back to the prompt, if I had no choice but to change my first name it would be Marie. I love that name, I am not sure where my love for that name came from I could tell you where my love for that name came from but I’m not entirely interested in dishing out that information and no you can’t weasel it out of me either 🙂

So I would be named, Marie, and life would most definitely be different. Because Marie isn’t the same person, she is different. She… well anyways, she is who she is and I am who I am.

Enjoy your awesome afternoon, I know I will!IMG_0310

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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