Just another manic Monday

The fly-ness…


My children are pretty fly if I can say so myself. But I’m pretty partial because they are mine! Ha!

Mini Mouse got a big hair cut this summer as a back-to-school look. She had been asking to get her hairs cut for a while but I initially said Hecks Naw! I was stuck on how long it took me to grow her hair, what the process to grow it back would be, the fact that her hair is what defines her and I forgot to remember (for a minute) that its just hair. Nothing more nothing less. This was her way of saying mommy I love my hair and I want to embrace it and style it the way I want. To a point. We want our children to be able to express themselves and be confidant in themselves and what better way to do it and start it than a simple hair cut.

I hemmed and I hawed about it and finally asked our sitter if her husband could cut her hair and she said yes. So I explained to Mya what the cut would be like, that it will be a long time to grow it back, etc, etc. she heard none of that. All she heard was mommy and daddy are letting me cut my hair and I get to choose the design that will be cut into it. Initially she chose a star, but the day of the cut she knew she wanted an M to be cut in her head. Because, as she said, “My name starts with an M and its a cool letter.”

So we went to the shop and she sat in the chair and all the adults in the room were in awe that I would allow my girls hair to be cut. To which I replied, “It’s just hair and it will grow back if she wants it to.” They respected her for it and applauded me for being a parent that allowed my child to express her individuality at a ‘young’ age. She is 7.


Anyways, this hairstyle turned out dope. And I’m very happy we allowed her to do it. She can’t wait to get the next cut and design. I have to admit this cut not only defines her even more. It so brings out her attitude and her personality. She has already had her second cut (daddy did it) and she got a star cut into her head. I’m thinking we might go back sometime next year (as a gift) and allow her to get her hair professionally done at the shop again. I know she would so enjoy that as a gift for Christmas.


This was the night before she got her hair cut, I sectioned her hair out for the barber. To make sure it was exactly what we wanted to have cut, no more, no less. Anyways, I hope you enjoy checking out the pics of this fly child of mine 🙂





Have a super awesome night!


4 thoughts on “The fly-ness…

  1. I agree with you – hair will grow again. It is a wonderful way for kids to learn to make decisions and become independant thinkers!

  2. I applaud you, Iiona, for giving up control on this. I have learned the hard way how important it is to allow our children to have a voice in shaping themselves. I know that this will help her to make good choices in her life, as she sees how much effort parents put into making good decisions for their children. And she is def “fly”. (-:

    • TAMMMMAAARRRRR! I’ve gotten some flack for allowing her to cut her hair, but really… it’s just hair, it grows back. At some point you want your child able to take care of themselves without you, so what better way to start then now.

      And she says, Thanks Ms. Tamar!

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