Just another manic Monday

Sunset in Mississippi


Sunset in Mississippi

We were driving back to Tunica, MS from Memphis, TN when the sun started to set. I decided to pull out my camera and snap a couple of pictures of the sunset from the car, I know moving sunset pictures.

After snapping a few and really liking them I figured I would include myself in one of them and see how it turned out and… this is what I got, I Love It!

We leave for Biloxi, Mississippi today. I am up “early” repacking bags and will go down for our “free” breakfast that we paid for included in the price of the room and then head out to the truck to repack that as well.

As I’m sitting here typing this I can hear all of the motorcyclists packing up and heading put. It’s a glorious sound, at this hotel alone I believe there had to be about 30 or so motorcyclists. I love the rumble and the sound they make.

I’m gonna miss it, but not the mosquitos so much. My arms are killing me from all of the bites I have.

Until my next blog, adios!


2 thoughts on “Sunset in Mississippi

  1. Very cool pic! -susan

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