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Wisconsin Family Reunited

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Wisconsin Family Reunited

So our “family” from Wisconsin is here! Meaning some of Ike’s motorcycle buddies are here at the Biker’s Roundup. It’s really cool to see them, it’s been a year or so.

We are here in Tunica, Mississippi for the National Bikers Roundup. We go every year and when we go we also plan our vacation around the destination for the roundup. Like last year it was in Las Vegas, so we also went to California and Texas. It was tons of fun.

We are truly excited about this round up because of all the places we will be going, most of it on the Coast. I love a great beach and historical sitings. So we are doing both.

I wanted to call the trip Dirty South of something like that but Ike and the kiddos didn’t think it was that cool of a name. So as of now it is renamed to Civil Rights Tour…

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