Just another manic Monday


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This is such a random post because I have so much floating around in my head…

1. Racism, Discrimination and Ignorance… I will have a post dedicated to that, I’m not going to even touch on that right now.

2. I’m still on the fact that someone actually called my children livestock O_o… where exactly in america is that done? Did I miss the new trend?

3. We go on vacation in a week and I’m excited about the beaches, seeing my sister and my best friend. But I’m not excited about the drive… Mainly because Darlene will be with us. I’m happy she gets to spend some time with her grandchildren, because there will be no other time that she will get this much time with them. But REALLY, 42 1/2 hours of road with this woman. Sometimes I just want to shoot my husband for being so excited and inviting her. Not cool what-so-ever! Seriously this trip is like a counseling session all up and through it. Like I’ve forgiven the lady for my past and what parts she played in it, but that DON’T mean I wanna go on a long ass driving vacation with her.

DAYUM! There will be a lot of conversations with God during this trip FAREALS tho! I mean every time I think about it I’m gonna have to be talking and praying to make sure ion e’en hurt this womans feelings, kind of. But you know me,  ion e’en care if ha feelings get hurt…

LAWD! I’m praying that you be a barrier between my mouth and my brain, because the things that float around in my head Don’t E’EN need to come outta this mouth o’ mines. (and yes I meant for the ebonics up in this piece, ’cause that’s how serious this be!)

4.  D-boys computer is broken and to fix it is about the same as it was for us to buy it… yeah, so that means we are looking to find and buy a new one. Because, you know we gots tons o’ money laying around to buy all these electronics. I guess that’s what we get for putting them in to a school that has a school supply policy of an electronic device. We’ve already gotten Mini Mouse a mini ipad for school and if Miss Marie goes to the same school (which we are STILL waiting to hear if she got in) then she is gonna need one of them thangs too. Not the laptop, the freaking ipad… sometimes… Imma try to stop whining about the broken computer, but it might take me a minute to get over it because it wasn’t the boy who broke it but his big head daddy, yeah let that marinate for a minute… anyways.

5. Why are my children growing like weeds, well, actually why are my girls growing like weeds. Cause Miss Marie is in a size 6/6x and getting taller. And Mini Mouse is in a size 10 slim… yeah the child is only 7 and in a size 10 slim, all them legs she got going on, and on and on.

6. I have way to many pictures to edit and do something with, I can’t even figure out where to start. And it doesn’t help that I want to put pictures up all around the house because we have pictures from like 2 years ago that never seen the light of day. No really I was all “Oh let’s take pictures!” and took 5000 of them and then here they sit on my computer… Don’t be surprised if out of the blue you start getting random pictures  in the mail. It’s bound to happen, just so I can get rid of them out of my house and don’t have to worry about what to do with them. I’ve thought on more than one occasion that my computer was gonna crash and I am STILL uploading pictures off of my computer. I need help. Like AA, I need PTA for picture taking anonymous cause seriously I have over 20,000 pictures on my computer. WHY? WHY? No really WHY??????

7. My computer has been acting all crazy, enough that I’ve almost thrown it, but thought better of it because I still didn’t have all pictures off of it and I want to be all nice to her/him until I free my pictures from this trap. I feel like I’m cheating because I’ve been researching my next computer that I will be buying or would like to buy. It’s definitely oing to be another mac, just trying to decide the screen size and between a pro and an air. I have a pro now, and if I were to stick with what I have as in size and all fun things inside of the computer it would be $2500 over my budget, haha… anyways!

8. I actually have to think about going to school, like research the graduate programs and the schools and make sure…. I just can’t, I just can’t, I just can’t, I just can’t… I don’t wanna go back to school…. UGH! Maybe I’m not meant to be a Social Worker in the state of Texas or any other state for that matter. UGH! Maybe I’m not meant to do anything I have floating through my head, but if that’s the case then… what? The joys of being a SAHM and confused and needing to complete school and not wanting to. I can’t procrastinate but I also have absolutely NO ENERGY to even begin to look further in the one program I found here.

9. I am fat, ok, really that is just my bad ideas I have in my head and me battling my insecurities… SO I’m not fat, but I feel crazy lazy so I need to work out, I’ve changed my eating habits and that seems cool. Why do I have to go workout, why do I have to run, why do I have to do something physical. Where is the miracle that I was promised… I’m lying I wasn’t promised a miracle of being stick then, that was me and my  idea that eating was the devil. Now I realize it isn’t the devil, just his foods. As in devil’s food cakes and treats. Dayum you temptation, I will just go eat a whole bowl of grapes and watermelon and a bite of a butter finger that’s in the freezer. I used to be so dedicated to running and working out and then, well, life happened. Well, depression hit and I just got tired… that tired that makes it hard to even get up and brush your teeth tired. But knowing you need to brush your teeth because you can taste the funk. Yeah, that bad…

10. For some reason my grandma Gladys, Jessie and my Auntie Net have been on my mind like crazy lately. It’s so debilitating to have them on my mind, to think of them and know they aren’t around anymore. I don’t know why it is so crippling to think about them, it’s mainly crippling when it comes to my Aunt…. yeah…

I guess this isn’t wordless Wednesday in this joint. More like words more Wednesday.

In memory of Grandma Jessie, Grandma Gladys and Auntie Annette

In memory of Grandma Jessie, Grandma Gladys and Auntie Annette

This too shall pass

This too shall pass

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