Just another manic Monday

House Painting 101


So we decided after we purchased our home that we would pain the whole thing by ourselves. We considered hiring out, we actually thought we would be able to hire one of the painters from the company we bought our house from. But they got pretty busy shortly after our house was started and so that wasn’t going to happen. So like the troopers we are, we said, “We got this! Let’s get it started…” Little did we know HOW much work it really was. My arms and back hurt just thinking about all of the painting we did. Now let me give a few details so you can get a full idea. We have 9 ft ceilings on the first floor, the place is over 3400 sq ft. There are 2 1/2 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms… we painted them all, or when we are FINALLY done we will have painted every room in the house. As of now everything is done except the kiddos bathroom and the spare bedroom. And I’m pretty cool with it not getting painted. If we never paint another room I don’t think I will be too mad.

So the next time you hear me talk of painting a room or something of the sort, smack me please!

Did I mention we ruined plenty of clothes (kiddos included) from painting. We still are picking paint out of the carpets and chipping it off of the hardwood floor. Yeah, painting your own place can be a pain in the tush. But it’s OUR place and it was an experience!

IMG_8158 IMG_8157 IMG_8102 IMG_8086 IMG_8087 IMG_8076 IMG_8075 IMG_8074 IMG_7988 IMG_7984 IMG_7987 DSC_6510 DSC_6508 DSC_6506 DSC_6505 IMG_7887 IMG_7828 IMG_7826 DSC_6422 DSC_6421 DSC_6420 IMG_7792 IMG_7777 DSC_6416 DSC_6414 IMG_7776 DSC_6400 DSC_6398 DSC_6397 DSC_6396 DSC_6395 DSC_6394 DSC_6392 DSC_6389 IMG_7763 IMG_7761 IMG_7739 IMG_7737 IMG_7787 IMG_7735 DSC_6381


2 thoughts on “House Painting 101

  1. Iiona, From what I can see it looks like Isaac should be writing this blog…lots of evidence of Isaac and the kids painting while you took pictures and journaled about it! j.k. -susan

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