Just another manic Monday

A little camera play…


Because I have so much going on in my head and so much I want to write, I thought I would just post some pictures instead… Enjoy. These pictures were uploaded backwards. So the picture of the cornfield was at the end of the night not at the beginning. Anyways, I was playing around with my camera to capture these photo’s some a good and some not so great, it was fun never the less.


DSC_6893 IMG_8302 DSC_6891 DSC_6888 DSC_6870 DSC_6867 DSC_6863 DSC_6847 DSC_6843 DSC_6841 DSC_6836 DSC_6827 DSC_6826 DSC_6825 DSC_6824 DSC_6818 DSC_6815 DSC_6804 DSC_6803 DSC_6796 DSC_6790 DSC_6787 DSC_6785 DSC_6776 DSC_6761 DSC_6760 DSC_6756 IMG_8299 IMG_8296 IMG_8295 IMG_8294 DSC_6738 IMG_8288

4 thoughts on “A little camera play…

  1. Some of those fireworks photos are amazing!

  2. Sounds like you have an explosion of ideas/thoughts/goals/dreams going on in your head. love you, Susan

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