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So, I’ve been going back and forth on what my blog is going to contain. Mainly things about me, things about our family, just random things. Whatever the case I am still not sure where it is going. What I do know is between now and when I finally figure it out I am going to have fun posting whatever…

So my first whatever post is about our process of shopping for food and other things that are allergy friendly. As some might know we have two kiddos that are food allergic. Miss Marie is allergic to all things dairy, eggs and peanuts/treenuts. She has a few other food allergies but those aren’t as life threatening as the 3 above. Mini Mouse is allergic to eggs and peanuts/treenuts. Each girl has a different severity of allergy to their food allergens, does that make any sense?


Now let me clarify some things for you. I have read some food allergy websites and follow quite a few. We try to attend the Food Allergy Awareness walks and participate in anything food allergy, but… I’m not like most of the other mothers and families dealing with food allergies. I have not changed the whole families diet to fit in the allergies, that our girls have, that might sound bad or mean. But lets be honest here, I’m selfish… What I can say is we are a nut free home, meaning we don’t have any nuts of any kind in our house… (yeah, get your head out of the gutter)!

I’ve tried going dairy free in our house, but the kiddos bucked that, they pretty much said we won’t drink anything if you keep offering us soy or rice milk. So I listened and we are extremely careful. Doesn’t mean things can’t happen, just means we are aware all the time. Mini Mouse is her sister’s keeper, she will let you know if she can have something or not. I love that about them! Anyways, when we do go shopping and we find something that we can use in our house AND the kiddos like it… we stock up on it big time.


Take for instance lotions, Miss Marie has always had very sensitive skin. So she has never been able to use the baby lotions and smell goods, you know the stuff that just says, “I’m a baby and I smell delicious!” Yeah not Miss Marie, she has never had that new baby smell. Haha! That actually sounds funny. From an infant on Miss Marie has had severe ezcema, to the point where she was on antibiotics for months on end with open sores on her body and trying to find creative ways to keep socks on her hands so that she couldn’t scratch her skin off. We spent a good portion of our time in the first two years of her life in the doctor’s office a everyday in the beginning and then at least 2-3 times a week as she got older.

Anyways, sometimes we are really lame and refuse to go grocery shopping or household shopping until we have used almost everything in the house, forces you to use what you have and not be wasteful. So when we finally needed to go shopping we spent way more than we thought we should have (I’ll keep the price tag to myself) but we got everything we needed plus more.


It’s kind of crazy how we buy so much of the same thing, but it really does save us time and money sometimes, especially when the manufacturer decides to change the ingredients of the food, lotion, snack, etc.

Believe me, we’ve had that issue before and didn’t appreciate it either. Now we have a freezer with tons of butter, a kitchen cupboard with lots of chicken broth and cakes and a bathroom cabinet with lots of lotions and soaps that are Miss Marie friendly. I don’t think any of this helps now that we are trying the more natural route either. Meaning, we are trying to be health conscious and aware of what we put into, on and around our bodies. I’m thinking Whole Paycheck is liking us right about now. Mainly because they are they only place I’ve found where I can find allergen friendly deodorants and face cleansers for the girls to use. I bet no one has ever thought of that, yeah we do…


There are times when I do, just for a second or two, wish that Miss Marie had been born without food allergies, severe eczema, and being deaf. But then where would we be if she hadn’t been born that way. These experiences have enriched all of our lives considerably and as tiring and upsetting as it can be, how rewarding and uplifting it is too. Our children are learning from the inside out how to be mindful, thoughtful, protective, and just so many other things because of the experiences we have to deal with. We have been opened up to two completely different worlds. We are still learning how to navigate each new world, because it is sooo different than what we are used to. The Deaf culture and world, amazing, beautiful, and so many other things. I just wish we were able to see more children like Miss Marie in that world. I know they are out there. When I say more like Miss Marie, I mean more black children, when we go to events we are typically THE black family… The same with the food allergy world, we or I am typicall the black face in a sea of white. Maybe that is something I will help change soon, but for now. I will stick with what we have and navigate through it.


Anyways, this post wasn’t supposed to be all about food allergies and Miss Marie, guess that’s where my heart lead me.

Anyways, some might wonder. If Miss Marie can’t have cow’s milk and we are trying not to offer soy milk as a substitute (which she refuses to drink) and she balks at rice milk. What type of milk DOES she drink… Well my dear friends she still drinks a hypoallergenic formula. Yeah I know she is 5 going on 6 and still drinks a formula. This is not your average formula, it is a specially formulated formula specifically for children with cow’s milk allergies and various other allergies. If she so decides (and she has on more than one occasion) to stop eating foods, she can survive off of this formula and still get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals she needs. Lucky us huh?! Yeah, not so much because something like that comes with a hefty price tag, again something I will keep to myself. Her formula is Neocate Junior, the tropical flavor. Not chocolate or regular flavor but tropical flavor and she will not drink or even touch the other flavors. That would be her asserting her authority over that situation. Doesn’t bother us any, as long as she is getting some type of milk or drink. This company also makes juices, but again… Miss Marie has asserted her authority over that and absolutely refused to drink it. Found that out after we shelled out $100 bucks to give it a “try”.


Well it’s not always bad or expensive or annoying. There are just times I just need to vent and complain about my girls with food allergies. I think the most dreaded thing we ever get is a birthday invitation to Chuck-E-Cheese… Especially for Miss Marie. Mini Mouse is “simple” but Chuck-E-Cheese is like a death trap for Miss Marie. If we do decide to take her to the party that is at the death trap, I’m the hover parent with the camera. I really use the camera as a disguise for being a hover parent… There I’ve said it! I hover, but I have every right to do that. But it still doesn’t make me feel any less of a loser. I’ve never wanted to be THAT parent, you know the annoying one… Well, hope you are having a great night.

Love ya, I

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