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Marriage Series

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So here I am linking up with Mama Loves Papa blog to talk about marriage, or at least my marriage. I’m not going to promise that I will do all prompts, and in fact I have considered starting with last years series and continue on until I catch up to where they are now.

Here is a list of the topics from last year which is 5 weeks long:

  1. Expectations in Marriage
  2. Comparisons and Passion in Marriage
  3. Loving Through (When the Unexpected Happens)
  4. A Strong Marriage while Parenting
  5. Communication

Here is the list so far this year, I am not sure how many weeks this series will be or what the next weeks will be. But I have the first two weeks right here:

  1. Friendship and Romance
  2. Working Together as Partners


So if you would like to join or want to read the Marriage series from other’s points of view, click on the link above  🙂

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